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automatic vacuum forming machine,easy to operate,one hour can make about 16 formings We are both the vacuum forming machines and acrylic/ABS bathtubs and shower trays manufacturer the bathtub making line need the devices as follows, 1.acrylic bathtub vacuum forming machine 2.air and vacuum system: vacuum pump(making vacuum),vacuum tank(to storage the vacuum),air compressor(to make the high pressure air),air tank(to storage the air pressure) 3.edge trimming machine(to cutting the bathtub and shower tray edges) 4.resin and stone powder mixer 5.fiber glass and resin spray gun(also can be done manually) 6.bathtub designs and bathtub moulds Forming Machine instructions Mod:DGW-SP-1520 fast heating single workstation automatic forming machine, this machine use for ABS, acrylic bathtubs and wash basins automatic forming, it is compact and reasonable structure, easy to operate, forming high precision. 1.Heating elements: electric heating evenly 2.Power consumption 42KW(all the heaters are turned on, if the products are small, only open the central heaters) 3.Use 380V three phase and N wire electricity power supply, all four wire use 16 square copper wire 4.The temperature setting left,middle,right,automatic control 5.Up heating cover furnace pheumatic moving 6.Vacuum forming largest area:1500x2000mm 7.Electric mould adjustment and pneumatic lift mould sets of pressure 2000KG 8.Electric adjust distance 550mm,pneumatic lifting distance 350mm 9.Manual vacuum aspiration and exhaust systems 10.Cooling fan 11.Manual operation control 12.Weight:1800kgs 13.Dimention:4500x3200mm We are also the acrylic/ABS bathtubs and shower trays manufacturer,if you buy the bathtub making line from us,we will help you to set up the whole bathtub making line in your factory,or you can send your technicians to our bathtub making factory to learn all the bathtub making skills. The bathtub making skills,such as follows, 1.how to connect the moulds to the forming machines 2.how to connect the vacuum pipe from the mould to the vacuum system 3.how to connect the air pipe to the air compressor and the air tank 4.how to spray the resin and fiber glass 5.what is the percentage of each chemicals(blue chemical,white chemical) and resin and stone(CaCO3:calcium carbonate) powder in the conditions of different weather 6.what is the time for the every step of resin spray 7.how to control the oven heating,how to know the acrylic board is hot and soft enough 8.how to make the holes for the bathtub drain 9.how to trim the bathtub edges 10.how to control the heaters of the oven 11.how to fit the stainless steel frame to the bathtubs and shower trays 12.how to adjust the forming area,so that can save the acrylic sheet,and can control the heaters 13.what is the time for the resin and chemicals mixing and spray 14.how to pack the bathtubs and shower trays 15.etc(other skills)

Technical training Customer from Kazakhstan They buy the whole bathtub making line from us: bathtub forming machine, trimming machine, resin spray gun with chopper, vacuum station, and all the bathtub moulds. Customer from Alegria They buy the whole bathtub making machines from us, and ask us to make all the bathtub designings for them. Customer from Saudi Arabia They buy the whole bathtub making machines and moulds from us, and learn the all the bathtub making skills in our factory.

equipment of bathtub thermforming: Our company in brief as following: Foshan Tengli Spamold & Equipment Factory (Formerly : Miglee Sanitary Ware Mold Factory ) is the biggest and a professional factory that designs and manufactures the molds of sanitary ware in China. We customize all kinds of vacuum forming molds for our customers such as swimming pool mold, whirlpool mold , outdoor spa mold, jacuzzi mold, bathtub mold, steam room mold, shower tray mold, artificial stone mold and the mold is make of FRP(fiber reinforce plastic) et Compose:( one set) four parts: Heating oven Forming machine vacuum system electric contral system 1 Heating oven 2 Forming machine 3,vacuum system 4 electric contral system our show:

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Create an air-tight, impermeable seal with acrylic thermoforming machine from Alibaba.com. They are efficient, durable and capable of handling a wide range of jobs. They can be installed at various types of factories and mostly support the packaging department. These acrylic thermoforming machine remove oxygen from the packaging. By modifying the atmosphere, they can protect the merchandise and even increase the shelf life of food items.

When looking for acrylic thermoforming machine, consider the type of plastic that they use. Common options include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acrylic - perspex (PMMA), co-polyester (PETG), Polystyrene (HIPS), polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyethelene. Some can handle more than one type of material and can process multiple jobs at a time. They are incredibly efficient and can greatly decrease overall production or processing time. 

Other things to consider is whether the acrylic thermoforming machine from Alibaba.com can be easily installed at the workplace. Consider whether there’s space for them, as they can be rather large. Another thing to consider is whether the acrylic thermoforming machine can be easily integrated into the workflow. Most of the time, these machines play a large role downstream of production. Make sure that there are trained staff at the workplace that know how to properly operate these machines. 

Discover amazing deals on Alibaba.com, as they carry a wide range of acrylic thermoforming machine from various certified suppliers. Finding the right product to integrate into the workflow should be an easy task.