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        Q: How soon after birth can you give baby a pacifier/dummy?
A: When I got pregnant I are once against giving my daughter a pacifier for the accurate same grounds that you 're unsure about it . One of my hugest goals was to breastfeed and did not want nothing to intervene with that . I also ha seen the fights my Aunt is passing through with taking away my cousins pacifier , which I now know was thus challenging because she waited far too long to take it away .   You might never have to be granted your baby a pacifier , he/she may not have required to comfort suckle . My daughter on the other hand has an intensive required to suckle when she gets not hungry at all - it was just a comfort thing and it is been that way since birth . I was extremely unwilling to give her a pacifier but while we continues to be in the hospital she 's sucking on her arm so bad to the point that she 's leaving marks . The pediatrician and nurses in the hospital proposed attempting a pacifier and in the end I 'm now glad I did . My daughter loves to suckle for comfort and would suck at the breast covering such a long time she would make herself sick because she 's eating too much . I would rather giver her a pacifier than have her overeat and throw up at every feeding . I 've also gotten fortunate and she still breastfeeds like a champ even then after a pacifier and drinking from a bottle , there was been no nipple confusion . IMO if you do not let them 've got the pacifier all the time and do not let them have it for too longer , well , it was n't too dreadful to take it away . 

Q: What kind of pacifier is better- silicone or latex?
A: Silicthe first is more expensive , and they truly solely have to the two because of allergies to latex   Silicone will last longer also ! 

Q: What is the best pacifier for a breastfeed baby?
A: It recommends that that pacifiers and other kind of artificial nipples to be avoided for at the very least the firstly 3-4 weeks . I ’ d personally suggests that most breastfed babies – if they get a pacifier at all – would be better without a pacifier till mom ’ s dairy supply is very well established ( 6-8 weeks , in general ) and the six week growth spurt 's over . That way you ’ ve for the formation of good dairy supply and don ’ t lose any much-needed breast stimulation to a pacifier .