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-PADDLEWHEEL AERATOR Features: 1. High Efficiency of oxygen transfering 2. Low uese cost as for the advantages of energy-saving, long durability and easy maintenace Detail: 3HP PADDLE WHEEL AERATOR Model: Paddle wheel Aerator Type: SC-2.2 Power:2.2KW (2200W),3HP, three phase 50HZ 380V Motor: Cast iron motor with 3hp, 4 poles and cast iron reducer coil of motor made of 100% pure copper wire Motor cover; Blue HDPE motor cover with UV added Motor fan cover; Nylon Reducer: Casr iron housing reducer with chromium manganese titanium with carbonitriding accurate bevel gear with gear ratiio 1:14 Impeller: 6 pcs nylon impeller(one impelelr includes 8 pcs paddles and 8 pcs trident) 100% new raw materisl 210mm*660mm Impeller speed: 100 rotation/min frame: square pipe to joint float, stainless steel 304 float: 3 pcs blue HDPE float made of 100% new HDPE materiwl with UV added for protection and resist impact from acid alkalinity and sun exposure

Micro bubble aerator membrane diffuser waste water Advantage Product details parameters categories true case Packaging & Shipping v Minimum order quantity v 1 0 pcs for minimum order quantity, packing carton and plastic film seal. v We have stock,usually need 3-5days to packing and shipment to shanghai v How about the payment v We support TT and Ali pay,you also can be use Paypal to Payment v Our service v Free engineering design/free package/damage v About quality control v Production finish to packing,we have quality inspection, test before delivery. v About sample v We can offer free sample to test,buyer need pay the shipping fee

2. Part damage caused by buyer's failure to replace the gear oil in the reducer is not covered. 5.Never sell any renewed aerator/blowers,we are Alibaba International Trade Insurance Enterprise. Our Customer Pond and Harvest Season contact 1HP 2HP prawn Splash Aerator surface aerator Contact Person : Ms .

The most importance is working impellers can make sufficient water splash and strong water current. The spoke and vane is shaped with plastic only one time. 9.Stainless steel frame is sturdy with no deformation and high durability.

2.Mechanical seal is available to against oil leak pollution. The spoke and vane is shaped with plastic only one time. 6.The flexible gearing is fixed by the stainless wheel bolt. 7 .

2. The arcuate-bevel gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium with carbon-nitride surface treatment. 6.Have good water current circulation as the making of large aera water wave. 3. Smooth rotation with low resistance to decrease energy lossess.

You can feel free to contact us on our website information or email to us. The sample cost can be refounded to our customers when they place the order. We want to make the long term cooperation with our distributors.

When the motor starts running, impellers will rotate and touche water surface, it will press air into water and therefore increase some oxygen in water. The most importance is working impellers can make sufficient water splash and strong water current. Large amount of splash will take air into water and enrich obviously dissolved oxygen in water.

It’s eruption form the water surface aeration and the bottom surface dissolved oxygen and increase the water’s aeration amount . 2. Secondly , in the process of the water’s eruption, it passes the motor to let the motor and the gear box are kept in the state of water cooling . Then the motor is not hot after it works long to ensure the motor doesn’t burn out with long time working and increase the electric current .

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