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Atomizing spray nozzles, also called two-fluid nozzles, produce finely atomized sprays using compressed air or other gas. They are ideal for a wide range of lubricating, gas cooling/conditioning, coating, humidifying, and fogging applications. Manufacturers and exporters on Alibaba.com offer a wide variety of high-quality air atomizing nozzles for business buyers to add to their catalogs.

What is atomization in spraying?

Spray atomization is defined as the transformation of a liquid into a spray of fine particles in surrounding gas, normally air. The compressed air mixes with the liquid and breaks it into small particles.

How many types of atomizer nozzles are there?

An air atomizing spray nozzle is a simple device normally made of soft metal (aluminum or brass), polypropylene, stainless steel, hardened stainless steel, or ceramic that is used to break apart a fluid flow into a spray pattern. Despite their apparent simplicity, there are a very large number of different atomizing spray nozzle as various industries need to spray different fluids. The 5 basic spray pattern types include flat fan, hollow cone, full cone, mist/fog, and solid stream.


Flat fan atomizer spray nozzles produce a line of spray and are generally used in cleaning and coating applications on conveyors where the product passes under a spray bar of various fan nozzles. Hollow cone nozzles produce a ring of spray normally consisting of the smallest droplet sizes of any spray pattern. Full cone nozzles produce a solid circle of spray and are used to distribute the fluid evenly over an area. Atomizing misting nozzles finely atomize the fluid with little or no momentum. The homogeneous fog produced is largely directed by surrounding air flows rather than by the nozzle. The solid stream pattern concentrates the fluid into a dot of spray to deliver as much impact as possible for cleaning or cutting applications.

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