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These parts include an oil separator for removing oil from compressed air, a touch screen control panel for changing compressor settings, and an air pump for creating pressure. Plus, an air filter for removing water or impurities from compressed air, and pressure regulators for increasing/reducing pressure to the required levels. Parts used in refrigerator compressors include valve plate, terminal block, piston kit, connecting rod, crankshaft, shaft seal, safety valve, and metal gasket. Rotary screw components include motor, coupler, unloading valve, cooler, and fan blades.

Air compression is a vital task across the industrial world. It's a day to day challenge for those who rely on pneumatic tools and hydraulic lifts, and it's something that most factories need to worry about as well. This makes having the right air compressor coil essential. At Alibaba, we stock every style of air compress coil at wholesale prices. Browse for mobile units or fixed machines for production lines. Filter industrial compressors by capacity and power rating, find noise-free versions, or models tailored to specific industries. Whatever you need, you'll find it here.