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Keep small headphones safe with an AirPods case available on This smallholder is only compatible with the specific style of earbuds. Shop various premade styles or customize the silicon AirPod case for a personalized look. 

These cases sold on come in a sleek and small design. This makes the wireless earphone case easy to carry in purses or pockets. It has a flip-top lid to keep the devices safely inside. The internal compartment can be open or feature designated slots for the earbuds. Made from durable materials, the silicon AirPod case is built for long-lasting use. It provides a hard outer shell to keep the earbuds safe from water and dust, which helps increase the life expectancy of the headphones. 

Shop the collection of existing designs or create personalized styles. Most commonly, the AirPods case comes in a classic white color. For added flair, choose from a range of different solid colors or printed patterns. If using for company applications, brand names or logos can be added to the custom AirPod case. All styles and colors can be suitable for children or adults to use. 

Browse the wide selection of AirPods cases on to keep electronics safely stored. These holders make it easy to take headphones on the go without the worry of losing them. They also provide a neat place to store them for protection while not in use. The sleek styling makes the cases easy to fit in small pockets for safekeeping. Customize the look for personal use or to give as a gift.