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Recent BMW Alpina wheels are tubeless, lightweight wheels with 20 spokes or less. Alpina wheels have evolved continuously since BMW approved the iconic 20-spoke alloy wheel design in 1971. Subsequently, thousands of Alpina rims have been produced to provide a strong, lightweight, and durable wheel for sports and leisure riding. They are available for bikes, sports bikes, cars, and light trucks.

Why Should You Buy BMW Alpina Wheels?

Recent Alpina style wheels are tubeless. Tubeless wheels do not allow tires to deflate instantly after a puncture. The absence of tubes in black Alpina wheels also reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. The rims have a security hump that stops the tire from jumping off the rim after it is punctured. Also, the Alpina rim is produced by forging rather than welding. That means the entire rim is produced from one piece of aluminum. There are no welded joints that can break apart under intense force or pressure. The thickness at the middle of the wheel, which is up to 12mm, provides high wear resistance while driving in off-road conditions.

What Sizes of Alpina Wheels Are Available?

The BMW Alpina rims for sale come in different sizes for motorcycles and cars. The wheel sizes of the classic 20-spoke design range from 13" to 20". They are suitable for most car and motorbike tires. The 20-inch Alpina wheel and the smaller Alpina B7 wheels have two offset sizes and can fit tires with different tire aspect ratios.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying an Alpina Wheel?

Before choosing a new Alpha B7 rim, decide on the material you want. Aluminum alloy wheels are lighter and more durable than steel wheels. Choose the type of finish you want for your gold Alpina rims. Some wheels are polished, while some have chrome or hyper-silver finish. For your Alpina replica wheels to fit your car or motorcycle perfectly, they must have the right bolt pattern. You can find the bolt pattern in the car user's manual.

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