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aluminium magnesium powder

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Buy top quality. aluminium magnesium powder on Alibaba.com from trusted suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers at amazing prices and discounts.. aluminium magnesium powder have many industrial uses. These products are superfine and well purified.

aluminium magnesium powder sold on Alibaba.com are used in fireworks as they burn bright to create flashy lights and different colorful effects. They are also used in the mining industry as blasting agents. Artists use them to create different effects or add pigmentation to art. They are likewise used to make electronics, as they are good insulators. In automotive industries, they work as protective coats to reduce rusting. As they are very conductive, they are made into pastes that are used on photovoltaic solar cells.

aluminium magnesium powder are used in crime scenes to help develop traces of fingerprints. As they are highly combustible, they are an economical product that is used to launch rockets and missiles. Highly pigmented, these products are used by manufacturing companies to make quality paints that are resistant to rust. They are also used in water treatment plants for the purification process. When used with other natural products, they are used for making nail polish and antiperspirant deodorants. Military programs use these products in explosives to raise the reaction temperature. They are likewise used in industrial plants to remove oxygen from steel and to make aerated concrete. 

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