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Aluminum foil tape

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About aluminum foil tape

Aluminum foil tape refers to a kind of tape with aluminum foil. There is a variety of aluminum alloys that are used to produce aluminum goods. Aluminum tagged with 8000 is usually applied to make aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a metal that is in the shape of a thin sheet. With good resistance to heat and considerable sealing properties, that foil is widely used to cover or wrap things, especially all kinds of food. Also, it can be applied to the process of making metal tape. Aluminum tape comes to be a useful item in daily life. Besides, since aluminum is the main material of aluminum foil tape, actual goods of that tape usually take on a silver-gray luster. They also can be colored. For example, matte black aluminum foil tape is available, which does not reflect light and makes users' eyes uncomfortable.

Advantages of aluminum foil tape

Aluminum foil tape itself mainly consists of aluminum foil and acrylic adhesive. Aluminum foil is waterproof, light and anti-corrosive. There is a faint possibility that aluminum foil gets rust when it meets air and water. Also, since it belongs to a metal material, it comes to be a good conductor. Being a transparent and pressure-sensitive material, acrylic adhesive features better performance in terms of viscosity than other normal cement. It is compatible not only with metal, including aluminum foil, but also with other materials, such as glass, plastic, wood, and clay. Being equipped with the advantages of both materials mentioned above, aluminum foil tape is one of the favorites of consumers.

Applications of aluminum foil tape

Compared with acrylic tape, aluminum foil tape has relatively more applications in different fields thanks to its metal ingredients. To begin with, since aluminum foil tape functions well in high or low temperatures, it can serve as aluminum duct tape or aluminum foil tape for dryer vents. In terms of specific applications, it is used to repair leaking pipes, seal ducts, and join ducts together. Also, all kinds of metal equipment can be covered by aluminum foil tape so as to prevent them from getting rust and scratches.

Besides being thin and malleable, aluminum foil tape is suitable for all kinds of concave or convex surfaces. Therefore, it is feasible to use that tape to bond embossed items or items with rough surfaces. In addition, aluminum foil tape helps to weld electronic parts together. It is also a versatile tool for welding accessories to vehicles.