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An aluminium L bracket, also known as an angle bracket, angle brace or angle cleat, is an L-shaped fastener that is used to join together two parts at a 90-degree angle. In addition to fitting two pieces together, an anodized aluminum L bracket may also provide support. An aluminum L bracket is the most commonly shaped bracket with a vertical section that attaches to a wall or large upright structure and the horizontal section attaching to a small object like a cabinet door or shelf. While not a defining feature, most L-shaped brackets feature holes fitted for screws. While most brackets provide a functional purpose, some brackets are simply designed for decorative uses.

Are aluminum brackets strong?

Aluminum L brackets are among the strongest and by far the cheapest. The total weight of an aluminium bracket is approximately 1/3 of the total weight of a steel bracket which is incredible considering the strength and functionality they provide. This lower weight makes these brackets a fraction of the cost to produce, package and ship. Giant aluminum L brackets are strong enough to secure shelving that holds heavier equipment, while a small aluminum L bracket can be used for simple jobs such as securing a mirror to a dresser.

How are aluminum L brackets made?

Brackets can be made in a few ways, such as die casting, CNC machining and bending. The simplest way to make aluminium brackets is by taking sheets of aluminium and bending the material to the desired shape. Another way to manufacture an aluminum L bracket with holes is die-casting, a process that melts aluminium bars into a liquid before injecting it into molds. By die casting, aluminium brackets can be even stronger than steel brackets because there is no welding required. Welding metal together can often create weak spots in the final product.