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        Q: Do guys like leggings on a girl?
A: Full tight , curvy like Katy Perry does it for me . When a skinny girl wears leggings and they 're baggy well , you do n't look right . It 's got ta be tight to is accurates . 

Q: Girls who like to wear leggings?
A: I 'm a guy , and I totally love it when a woman wears leggings . I did not know if its the look of how tight the spandex clings to a girls legs or how smooth it makes a girls legs look . I believed they are flattering on a girl contrary to popular belief . I find it challenging not to gaze at a girls regardless of shape whenever they wear leggings . I also think leggings hides lots of inadequacies on a girl legs too . I particularly love when girls wear them as pants . Not necessarily displaying everything , but with something nice like a dress or short skirt , it elongates the figure and makes them look thinner . Its a trend that should never go out of fashion . 

Q: Why can't guys wear leggings?
A: Some women like mens who wear leggings , and thereforeme women do n't like mens who wear leggings . Every woman is various .   Whether leggings becomes trendy depending on how celebrities can pull it off . As increasingly males celebrities wear leggings , leggings will increasingly become connected with the wealthy . Thus , making leggings more appealing to mens .   Whether women would `` accept mens '' in leggings , depending on how the news media impacts them . If , say , lots of male rock stars and celebrities wear leggings , leggings would become trendy for mens .   If you wish to establish a trend for leggings was later you should persuade male celebrities to wear them . Why celebrities ? Why emphasize celebrities , but not regular mens ?   Women are attracted to rock stars and other celebrities . Thus , if you made a regular man look like a rock star or a celebrity , he will attract women .   Let us ask this issue : What made skinny jeans `` tolerable '' for mens ? In contrast to what you presumably will provide responses , it 's NOT the resultss of increasingly regular mens wearing them . The thing which in fact made skinny jeans tolerable is the culminations of celebrities and other rock stars wearing them . Those are persons who popularized skinny jeans , not regular mens .   Unfortunately , the skinny jeans tendency can end , if males celebrities halt wearing them .   A analogous thing transpired to the leather leggings tendency in the United States . In the 80s of the United States , there exist a trend for mens in leather leggings . What made that tendency took off ? If you look at the rock stars during that time , lots of them wore leather leggings . Thus , lots of mens wore them so they were able look like a rock star . As shortly as the ninety appears , the leather leggings tendency discontinues , as rock stars halted wearing them .   This is how fashion tendencias come and go . Fashion tendencies were affected by the news media , by celebrities , and by musicians . Those people have enormous influencing on deciding whether a trend is `` tolerable '' or `` not tolerable . '' Thus , they 've got a lot of power over the people when establishing fashion tendencies .   Regular people DO NOT have much power to impact such tendencies . Even if a few regular people wore leggings all the time , the look would not become `` tolerable '' to women 's . So you have small hope unless you 're a celebrity .   However , there exist still some hope . A celebrity named Russell Brand wears them .