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) * Water Flow Rate: m³ /h (Explanations: How many Tons of water required per hour9) * Inlet Water Temp. : °C (Explanations: Temperature of hot water to be cooled) (also descriped as "water temperature drop") * Outlet Water Temp. : °C (Explanations: Temperature of cooled water, usually it shall be at least 3~4 °C higher than the wet-bulb temp.

2.Elliptical tube design Compared with round tube ,using elliptical tube as Ammonia Evaporative condenser coils can make the form tighter , less filling rate of liquid and less air flow resistance . 3. Precooling fin design We can increase the precooling fin on the Ammonia Evaporative condenser , precooling of high temperature or stop the water at low temperature . 2*40HQ container If you have question about the product or the company, please feel free to Production Flow Ammonia Evaporative Condenser Production And Installation Process Customer Visited Customers From America ,Australia,Thailand,India, South America ,Saudi Arabia Etc .

While spry water and air absorbs heat, the water partly turns into vaporization. Water out of the heated air is baffled to the PVC heat-exchange fill. Ø Our teams, containing excellent experienced technicians , always provide top quality solution.

If there is any product quality problems, we will return processing, and is responsible in the end. We are trying our best to provide users with high-quality products and excellent services. If there is any product quality problems, we will return processing, and is responsible in the end.

The information contained within this section is geared towards the use of evaporative condensers in the HVAC and light industrial markets only. The addition of fill surface to the traditional evaporative condenser design reduces evaporation in the coil section, reducing the potential for scaling and fouling. Increased Water Flow Over the Coil The spray water flow rate over the coil plan area is more than twice that of conventional units.

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Discover great offers and deals on purchasing ammonia evaporative condenser at Alibaba.com, where you get timely shipments and secure payment options. Trustworthy suppliers, manufacturers and sellers supply all the products. These ammonia evaporative condenser are heat exchangers built to expel large amounts of heat by bringing together air and water.

The ammonia evaporative condenser come in different sizes and types, which you can easily buy on Alibaba.com with a few clicks. They are distinguished based on the method employed for combining the hot air with water. For instance, the counterflow towers use air that is inflowing vertically and water streaming down from the reservoir. On the other hand, the crossflow towers allow for the air flowing in to move horizontally over the water stream. As more energy is required in the counterflowing style, they're usually more expensive than their counterparts. Induced draft towers use an external system to apply mechanical pressure, such as a fan, that pushes air upward into the tower. Passive draft towers use architecture and the natural motion of warm air to their advantage.

These ammonia evaporative condenser have several benefits across multiple industries such as food processing, nuclear power, natural gas processing, petroleum and petrochemical. The tower size is selected while keeping several crucial factors in mind, such as heat load, approach, range, and wet bulb temperature. They have high durability, require less maintenance and are generally pretty inexpensive.

At Alibaba.com, you can find an array of ammonia evaporative condenser. These towers are an inexpensive and reliable method for expelling large amounts of heat easily. No matter which ammonia evaporative condenser you're looking for, you'll get the solution to all your needs here without any hassles.