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Sodium Molybdate CAS No: 7631-95-0 Disodium molybdate EINECS:231-551-7 MF:MoNa2O4 Sodium Molybdate Sodium Molybdate 7631-95-0 Sodium Molybdate tech grade Index Content High-Purity Subs-tances Super-Class Substances First-Class Subst-ances Second-Class Substances Third-Class Subst-ances Anhydrous Sodium Molybdate Na 2 MoO 4 . Package: In plastic lined knit bags with the net capacity of 25 kg or double-plastic-bags lined iron drums with the net capacity of 50 kg. Note: Capable of supplying products with various specifications and packages according to customers' requirements.

It is soluble in water, but insoluble in ethanol. Do not store with organic compounds together. Packing : 25Kg net, pack sealed with double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack.

Ammonium HeptaMolybdate 99.0%, Mo54% Application: mainly used for smelting iron and producing molybdenum trioxide. It can also used as Molybdenum wire, chemical Catalyst, molybdenum fertilizer for agricultural, used in medicine of many enzymes. Package: 25kgs fiber drums or bags with pallet Specification: Item first class Mo %≥ 54 Si %≥ 0.0006 Al %≥ 0.0006 Fe %≥ 0.0005 Cu %≥ 0.0003 Mg %≥ 0.0006 Ni %≥ 0.0003 Mn %≥ 0.0005 P %≥ 0.0005 K %≥ 0.007 Na %≥ 0.0008 C %≥ 0.0008 Pb %≥ 0.0005 Sn %≥ 0.0005

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