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The angel headstone is one of the most popular headstones around the world. Several angel headstone designs are trendy, such as the weeping angel headstone. It depicts a two-winged angel kneeling and lying mournfully on a tombstone.

It illustrates great sadness, hope, and love for those who visit the grave of the departed loved one. There are also angel headstones that depict an angel kneeling with outstretched arms in a protective pose. The motif of an angel protecting a loved one is a recurring theme in tombstone design, which may be one of the reasons why beautiful angel headstones are so popular.

What is the symbolism behind an angel gravestone?

An angel gravestone with outstretched or upward wings usually represents the soul of a deceased person being taken to heaven. If the angel is face down or crying, this is often an example of an untimely death. However, it is essential to remember that angels mean different things to everyone. There is no reason why this highly symbolic and powerful image cannot be incorporated into your loved one's tombstone, regardless of your beliefs or circumstances.

Although angels are traditionally religious icons, they also represent many people who do not have religious beliefs. It's comforting to know your loved one is being watched over and protected on their journey beyond this life. During this challenging time and in the years to come, a carefully chosen guardian angel headstone can provide much comfort and peace.

What are some common materials for angel headstones?

Most weeping angel headstones are made from either marble, slate, or granite. Sometimes you'll come across darker gabbro rocks or sandstone, but usually, angel headstones for graves are made with marble and granite. Weeping angel headstones for graves made of granite and sandstone are rich in quartz and more likely to withstand weathering than softer stones like marble.

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