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4.Magnesium sulfate Which contains a small amount of crystal water or non-crystalline water can be used for organic synthesis and the desiccant and dehydration agent of feed and fertilizer. 2.We have a professional management team to control strictly of the quality of products. 4.We have special certificates of REACH ( Registration,Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals ) and FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ).

It has been widely used in the tropics and subtropics areas of China where soil is barren. In that areas the sulfate decompose easily then the sulfate is lost from field. It can improve soil and promote crops yield by using kieserite properly .

2. We consistently produce the right additives to suit their needs by ‘getting it right first time’. In case,any damages to the pallets,or bags during the transportaion,we will compensate to our client first,then will claim to our insuarance to make sure the Rights and Profits for Clients. 3>What is your stability to the price9 All th e price we made to clients are true and valid in the 10days from the quotation dates,even if the raising to the freight,the price will be kept the same during the Validity.

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