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        Q: What is the best curly hair product?
A: in the shower use the new lorell condtioner its in a yellow bottle . that gets away the frizz . i would wash hair at night and let it air dried . subsequently when you wake up in the morning straighten it . if you have to blow dry your hair use a tresemme straighting gel when your hair is towel dried subsequently blow dry your hair was later straighten it , while being straighting use a heating protect spraying . after used frizz ease secretive weapon . subsequently your should look picture perfect . hope itjust works .  will you answer mine ? ? ? 

Q: Would you read more of this story?
A: No I would n't reading it it was in cheezy do n't be a girls writer more fun 

Q: Hair damaged but I never use heat?
A: Here be a few tips and guidance on how to make your hair grow quicker , longer , and healthier obviously :   Wash and condition your hair every other day using a high-quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner .  Sandwich your hair between a towel and implement pressure to dry your hair rather than `` rubbing '' the hair with the towel , because this will cause breakage and splitting terminates . Split ends and breakage means your hair increase out slower .  Put a moisturizing leave-in conditioner into your hair , including , in particular , in the terminates of your hair to maintaining your hair wholesome and of avoiding splitting terminates and breakage .  Allow your hair to air dry after every shower rather than blow drying , as the heating will dry and damage the hair , arousing splitting ends that will be needed more hair to be trimmed to avoid having hair breakage .  Spray a detangler into your hair once dried , where necessary to avoid having breakage and splitting ends that will be needed more trims , thereby slowing the rate at which your hair increase out .  Brush your hair solely once it 's dried ( moist hair stretches and broken , slowing the rised out process ) using a natural bristle hair brush by embarked upon at the terminates and later moving up the hair once the terminates are detangled .  Massage your scalp for 5 minutes pert a time once a day to make improvements blood flow to the hair follicles , which will make your hair grow quicker .  Visit the hair salon once every 6-8 weeks to get a trim aimed at eliminating splitting terminates ; subdivided terminates will make your hair growth out slower because the splitting will travel up the hair strand , ultimately arousing hair breakage that will slow down the process used to increased out your hair .  Eat a wholesome and well-balanced diet to maintaining your body in a wholesome state . General good health and diet mean your hair will be increasedth more quickly and healthier .  Eliminate or cut back on smoking and caffeine to encourage wholesome hair that increase faster .  Excessive stress 's one of the main reasons why hair losses . So , explore various stress management techniques to alleviate stress and get sufficient remainder for your body . Consequently you are able maximise wholesome hair growth to a certain extent .  Vitamins and minerals play a highly critical and important vital role in increased and maintaining your hair wholesome . Any nutritional insufficiencies in your body is sure to had helped to hair losses . Few vitamins that are extremely significant for wholesome hair growth include Vitamin A , Vitamin B , Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  Use a moisturizing or volumizing shampoo and conditioner , such as Mane n ’ Tail .  Excessive hair colouring or perming reasons is detrimental to your hair and handicap the world health organizationlesome growth of hair . It will be caused in splitting terminates , hair breakage and extreme dehydrated out hair .  Since hair is a protein , diet that contains high protein is feasible to useful for hair growth . Some nutrition experts suggests that consuming wheat germ and brewer ’ s yeast is feasible to helpful in maximising the hair growth and strength .  Wearing protective hairstyles like French rolls or another types of hairdos are a good way to wear long hair , and means you can growth your hair to the wishesd length .   Lol that turned out longer than I expected . Hope this assistances : )