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        Q: What set of cymbals should I get?
A: first and foremost , , do your cymbal shop at www.midwestpercussion.com . its the ONLY site i employed to buy my cymbals . they give you discounts in the shape of giftcard , so these people are the cheapest cymbals on its web site . plus , check there weekly since they are continuously having sale and deals on packaged sets , which sounds perfect for you . not to mention free shipping .   sufficiently about that . i would go with the meinls . i hate hate hatred sabians beginner line of cymbals . the b8s are made of a cheap alloy and in my opinions , are bottometres of the barrel . zildjians , paistes and meinls entry-level cymbals 're all better ( again , solely my opinions ) . youll probaly wish to hit up a music store and try them out before you make the acquisition , because every drummer has its own right preference point for sound and setup . are you opening to propositions ? while i like the meinls ( i believed they make the most suitableest low-end cymbals ) , i believe you managed to find something better . verify out paiste alphas , or even their 502 or 702 series . highly affordable and thereforeunds better than the b8s . i commencement out with zildjian zbts , which 's also nice however , if i ha to do it all again , id go with paistes . 

Q: Where can one buy drum cymbals?
A: I 'm a drummer , myself . I use Sabian . Most all of my favourite drummers use them , and have huge selection , and durability . A lot of times , buying cymbals depending on the music you like play games . I play lots of Metal , and Hard Rock so I use Metal AAX . They are made for a harder hit , and a deeper , clean , metal feel . Yes , these people are expensive ... but GREAT cymbals and are pretty sustainable . I suggest looking up the cymbals on their site and verifying them out for what you 're playing and prefer .   Here is the site following website/sabian.com/en/   Hope this assistances ! Keep on playing , my friend ! 

Q: How do i clean my cymbals?
A: Never use an abrasive cleaner . Always test a cleaner before applying . Apply the cleaner onto a soft , clean cloth ( like a tee-shirt ) instead of putting the cleaner directly on the cymbal the surface .   Do you lives in the United States ? Because the products accessible is dependent upon wherever you live .