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Arcade buttons are mostly used to upgrade or build custom arcade cabinets. They provide a fun and interactive gaming experience. These buttons are easy to mount on control panels. Players use them to control various actions in a game. Arcade buttons come in different types, sizes, colors, and materials to meet different gaming needs. Buy arcade buttons at affordable prices on

Types of arcade buttons

Standard arcade buttons have a simple and classic design with a concave top. They are responsive and durable, making them ideal for a wide range of gaming applications. Quick-push arcade buttons offer a rapid response when pressed. They are suitable for quick reflex games like shooting games. Silent arcade buttons produce minimal clicking sound during gameplay compared to standard arcade buttons. They are ideal for noise-sensitive areas or for people who prefer a quiet gaming environment.

Sanwa buttons provide excellent performance and responsiveness. They require minimal pressure to register a button press to offer quick and accurate inputs. These Sanwa buttons use non-clicking micro switches, which makes them smooth and quiet. They are the preferred button of choice for most fighting game console players. Illuminated arcade buttons emit colorful LED lights when activated. These arcade buttons add a vibrant touch to the arcade cabinet. Some buttons have a translucent top to create a visually appealing gaming setup. Leaf switch arcade buttons use a leaf-spring mechanism that produces a different sound and feel compared to microswitch buttons. However, they are fragile and tend to become unresponsive over time due to repetitive use.

Sizes and design of arcade buttons

These arcade buttons are available in small, standard, or large sizes. Mini arcade buttons have a small diameter ranging from 20 mm to 28 mm. The standard size of arcade buttons ranges between 30mm to 32 mm. They provide a comfortable grip for longer gaming sessions. Large arcade buttons have a diameter of 40 mm up to 100 mm. They are suitable for players with larger hands. These buttons have a concave and convex top design. Concave buttons curve inwards to ensure better control and accuracy and control. On the other hand, convex buttons have a domed surface that provides a comfortable area for the hand and fingers to rest. They are also easy to press. Low-profile arcade buttons, also known as a flat button, have a reduced height for a sleek and compact appearance. Unlike traditional arcade buttons that have a convex or concave button, these flat arcade buttons sit flush on the panel or surface. They are suitable for specific types of arcade cabinets or gaming setups with limited space.

Materials of arcade buttons

Plastic arcade buttons are lightweight and available in a wide range of colorful options. They are made from strong ABS plastic that can withstand repeated use to ensure durability. These buttons are a great choice for casual gamers. Metal arcade buttons have a sturdy construction and are more durable than plastic arcade buttons. They are an ideal choice for professional gamers and arcade enthusiasts.