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Asymmetrical mirror

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About asymmetrical mirror

A mirror is an object with a smooth surface that can reflect the light. There are two types of flat mirrors and curved mirrors; a flat mirror is often used by people to tidy up their appearance, as curved mirrors and concave mirrors. Convex mirror points are mainly used as clothing mirrors, furniture accessories, architectural decoration, optical instrument components and solar stoves, car lights and searchlight reflectors, reflecting telescopes and so on. The asymmetric mirror is loved by many people because of its unique shape. There are a variety of asymmetrical mirrors for sale, such as frameless asymmetrical mirrors on

The advantages of asymmetrical mirror

The asymmetrical mirror full length looks like art to make the room of the house look more interesting. This asymmetrical abstract irregular-shaped mirror fits wall decoration and artistic display for the living room, bedroom, or hallway and entry wall. The large asymmetrical wall mirror is made with explosion-proof materials such as accident damage;the mirror glass will not be scattered around to ensure safety! The irregular wall mirror is a beautiful part of the home decorating scheme. Whether it is natural or human light, large asymmetrical mirrors can provide sufficient light to the room. Great full size to show the whole body. Extend the visual space of the living room.

Issues to be noted about asymmetric mirrors

Mirrors, due to their glass body, are easily broken by impact and collision. What's more luxurious is that once there are small cracks and scratches, they can no longer be used. Therefore, although mirrors are cheap if used and protected improperly, they can also cause heartbreak. So what other things to pay attention to besides falling and touching a mirror? There are several points to consider: it is recommended to place mirrors flat, but not in rough areas; When holding a mirror, be careful not to touch the mirror surface with the hands to avoid oxidation; Regular cleaning is also one of the most important maintenance methods, but not many people will realize it; Try not to spray mist into the mirror, as many people have this habit and need to change it; Place small mirrors as far as possible out of reach of infants

Asymmetric mirror cleaning method

Use vinegar to clean the dirt on the mirror: first use a newspaper dipped in a 2:1 mixture of water and vinegar to wipe, and then dry it with a dry cloth. The mirror will look as bright as new. In addition, when cleaning the window glass, first use a damp cloth to wipe the glass, and then use a newspaper to clean it immediately, which is very convenient.