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An Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a device or unit manufactured to extract water from the air (humid ambient) actively. The air water generator uses a power source to condense water vapor by cooling the surrounding air that is below the dew point. A typical Atmospheric Water Generator can produce water for human consumption in a residential or commercial setup. Ideally, it can produce 30 – 36 liters of water daily which, is above the range consumed in most homes and offices..

Benefits of Atmospheric Water Generators

An air to water generator extracts water from the surrounding air and filters it to extract bacteria and particles. As a result, it provides clean water safe from chemicals. Additionally, a water generator from air device is a reliable water source for areas with scarce or polluted water. Although the initial Atmospheric water Generator cost is high, it is a long-term investment. Retail buyers who purchase the device will no longer spend money on bottled water or gas to drive to buy water. Typical AWG brands such as Ecoloblue Water generator and AKVO water generator are operated by a microcomputer control system. Consequently, the device will stop generating water when it is completely full.

What Should Buyers Consider When Buying Atmospheric Water Generators in Bulk?

When buying Atmospheric Water Generators for sale, buyers should keep in mind that the devices operate successfully in specified atmospheres. Therefore, they should stock different types of AWGs suitable for different humidity and temperatures because buyers live in different regions. Buyers should also consider the AWG water generator cost. In this case, they should stock AWGs with different wattages and prices suitable for customers with distinct financial capabilities. More importantly, buyers should stock water generators in different sizes. Retail buyers will purchase the right size based on their water consumption. Browse online to buy low cost Atmospheric Water Generator at Alibaba.com.

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