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        Q: So where do I find a 100 LB automatic dog food feeder?
A: Why not only feed them all twice a day at a set time ? 

Q: Sheppard's hook with bird feeder. No birds.?
A: Ideally , you want your feeder posted in a localisation that is providing a pleasant balancing of opening space and protection ofive covers . For instance , posted in an opening yard but closes to a tree or some shrubs . Such covering is providing the birds with an ideal location to hang out whilst feeding . Many kinds of birds will even recover food from the feeder subsequently revert to a more protect place , such as a shrub , to eat it . Other factors to examine in regards to feeder placement :  & gt ; Your opinionsing of the feeders  & gt ; Nearby windows that birds may fly into  & gt ; Prevailing winds ( you 'll want the feeder protection against cold falls and winter winds and out of the line of driving rain and snow )  & gt ; Height of feeders ( various birds prefer feeding at different heights ; ideally you would have feeders situate both high and low , even some on the ground ) .   During these times of year you should expect visits from huge groupes migratory birds , such as sparrows , juncos , and blackbirds , as they make their way south . A seed mixing with a large proportion of millet seed is perfect for numerous of these birds . These seed mixing should work well in a hanging feeder like you have ( the way you describe it I 'm assuming its a tubing styling feeder ) .   If birds still are n't coming even after you stance your feeder properly and fill it with the rights seed mixing , it might simply be the case that they had still not found your feeder . It can take a little bit of time for birds in your region to come throughout your feeder and start recognizing it as a consistent place to feed . You can be accelerated this process by simply statedting out more feeders . Generally , one feeder was no sufficiently ; you 'll have better outcome if you set up a feeding station complete with multiple feeder types , different kinds of foodstuffs , and possibly even a bird bath . If you purchase good quality feeders they will going on for numerous years , so it is not a enormous investment to be established such a feeding station . If you already have a tubing styling hanging feeder , is considering up a platform feeder , a suet feeder , and maybe even a hummingbird feeder . The broader various types of food types you offer , the broaderr various types of birds you will attract . A good various types of seeds to be provided include sunflower seeds , millet , niger , and safflower seed ( a favourite of automobilesdinals ) . Cracked maize serves as a good low-cost alternative to some of these seeds . When buy a seed mixing , avoid lower-cost yet unwanted fillers such as wheat and milo . As it gets colder , the suet becomes extraordinarily popular among the birds as they are required put on body fat to survive the cold winter . You can also consider putting out a salt lick , a favourite among finches . If squirrels become problematical , there exist a numbers of squirrel proof feeders you could consider purchasings . You can find some huge deals on all such products I mentioned earliert http : //www.yourbirdoasis.com/ .   If you follow these directives and set up a most complete feeding station you ought to have no difficulty at all bringing in the birds . If they still do n't come , make convinced you have n't got a resident predator that hangs out nearby , such as a neighbors ' cat or a hawk . Hope this assistances , good luck ! 

Q: Can anyone recommend a good automatic fish feeder?
A: I have a Eheim automated feeder , you load it with foodstuffs and set the timer for when you want your fish to eat and it does it for you . You can have up to four daily feeding times , by establishing the LCD displaying clock . Just fill it with foodstuffs and it does it for you .