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Invest in an automatic mahjong table and never shuffle tiles again! Find reasonable automatic mahjong table prices online at

What Is an Automatic Mahjong Table?

Mahjong is a game of skill and strategy - and luck. The game was invented during China's Qing dynasty. It requires 146 tiles (2 of them are spares), dice, and a table. Though traditionally played on a small green card table, of late the play has advanced to a new level by incorporating automatic mahjong table products.

How Does an Automatic Mahjong Table Work?

An automatic mahjong table takes the work right out of your hands. At the end of the game, the circle in the center of the table raises up, and players push their automatic mahjong table tiles into the center of the electric automatic mahjong table, which lowers to close after collecting the tiles. The table shuffles the tiles inside and then brings up the perfectly stacked rows in front of each player. When it is your turn, you press a button to initiate the dice tumbler, which will then spring into action. All that is left for you to do is plot your strategy!

Choosing Your Mahjong Tables

Before making your decision on which automatic mahjong table to choose, you will need to think about what features are important to you. There are different leg types, so know if you want pedestal or folding legs on your automatic mahjong table. If your mahjong group takes turns hosting events, you might think about a foldable automatic mahjong table so that the table can fold up and go anywhere with you. Being portable is a handy feature in a game table.

Before making your final decision, have in your mind what aspects you require and what price you are willing to pay to buy an automatic mahjong table. That way, you will be certain to end up with the best automatic mahjong table for your needs.