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3. QC and R&D Research and development are always valued a lot during our exporting business operation. We have special experts working to test and develop new product s suitable for markets. So when you are making an inquiry, it's better if you could let us know the quantity you need.

Our company is superior in production technology, rich in experience, and our products have excellent quality and deeply favored by customers. The company also has a dye production workshop to produce all kinds of unique and high quality organic dyes dedicated for printing pigment pastes. The company also develops fluorescent printing pigment series products and white covering pigment paste.

List of Common Reactive Dyes Name and Color C. I Color Sample (1%) 3BS Red 100% 195 3BS Red 133% 195 3BS Red 150% 195 3BN Red 150% 195 F-2B Red 100% 194 3RS Yellow 100% 145 3RS Yellow 133% 145 3RS Yellow 150% 145 3RN Yellow 150% 145 4GL Bright yellow 150 % 160 4GL Bright yellow 200 % 160 F2R /2RLN Orange 150% 122 G Emerald blue 1 00 % 21 G Emerald blue 133% 21 R Brilliant Blue 70 % 19 R Brilliant Blue 100 % 19 BB Blue 133% 220 BRN Sapphire blue 100% - G Navy 150% -

We want to offer the best service with the best prices. Our market are: South Asia, Middle East, Europe,Africa and South America. Our principle is: "The best quality, the best we are;".

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Browse through splendid varieties of pure and safe. azo dye for different types of decorative, artistic as well as aesthetic purposes. These outstanding varieties of dye colors are reactive in nature and can be safely applied to a host of materials such as foods, hair, leather, wood, fabrics, and many more. Obtained through a careful process and procured from the finest quality materials, these. azo dye are eco-friendly and harmless to be used on any items. Leading. azo dye suppliers and wholesalers on the site offer these products for pocket-friendly prices and major deals. 

Featuring a host of distinct. azo dye with individual compositions and long-lasting quality, the site offers you a plethora of choices to select from. Being non-hazardous in nature, these colors can easily be added to foodstuffs for coloring. These industrial-grade reactive. azo dye are ideal for coloring cotton fabrics due to the enhanced sustainability, durability, and softness of the product texture. You can also lay your hands on water-based thermal. azo dye that work wonders for coloring leather, textiles and hair.  

No matter what kind of color you are searching for, Alibaba.com brings you a host of distinct colored. azo dye for your individual requirements. These dye colors are equipped with an enhanced chemical composition that does not let the color fade away any sooner and are available in. azo dye variants such as azoic dye, ink dyes, thermal dyes and many more depending on your needs. Select the best. azo dye from the massive collections and color your stuff in the most convenient and preferred way you can. 

Browse through a broad range of. azo dye at Alibaba.com and buy these products for the most affordable prices and lucrative deals. These products are supplied by the top brands and vendors who provide quality assurance on these items and recommend them for long-lasting coloring purposes. Shop for them now and see how useful these items are.