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        Q: Baby shower gift ideas for $45?
A: these are gifts i appreciated getting ..a basket of baby medication supplies like baby tylenol , saline spraying , a nail clipper , a nose syringe , some baby vicks , a thermometer , etc . its pleasant to 've got these things before the fever hits at 3 am .   a gift certification for baby the firstly portraits   a baby album and scrapbooking things 

Q: Baby Shower Gift Ideas?
A: Do you have a Dollar Tree store near you ?  If so , there exist a lot of helpful things there for babies ,  such as ,  baby wiping , sets of soft baby washing cloths , baby eating utensils/bowls/cups , bibs , pacifiers , and much better ! You can spend fifteen dollars there ( plus tax ) and get fifteen things ! I love that store .   If you dont have one near ,  maybe you wish to get her something most people wouldnt think of ?  There is extremely cute baby bath towel/robe things that have hoods attached specialnd generally the hood has some type of animals face on it with ears , these people are so cute !  Also ,  teething rings ,  picture frames ,  baby room decor ,  thermometer ,  rash cream ,  night lights ,  shoes ,  nurse pillow ( if shes breastfeeding )  mobile changing station/pad ( google it , theyre around fifteen $ )   diapers , diapers , DIAPERS ! you might think she will get plenty of these , but NO MOM has too numerous diapers ! these people are a CONSTANT need ! 

Q: What is a good baby shower gift?
A: Stroller  Car Seat  Diapers sized 2 and up ( most people bring new born and they will be required diapers for any age past newborn )  Clothes  Blankets  Bibs  Burping Rags  Pacifiers  Chew Rings  Toys  Walker  High Chair  Crib  Bassinet  Swing  Jumper ( one of the ones that u hang on a dorr frame and the baby can jump )  Playmat ( http : //www.walmart.com/catalog/product.d ...  Activity station ( http : //www.walmart.com/catalog/product.d ...  Diaper Bag  Bottles  Baby Food  Comforter thing  Mobile  Gift Card  Robe Socks  Brush  Towels  Carrier    thats all i can think of sorry