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Side sealing parts: 1. side sealing knife principal axis transmission belt cylinder lifting and down. 3. Side sealing knife adopt best of breed material, high temperature heating ametabolic. 4. Side sealing knife with concealed style heating tube, temperature steady 5. Turnover heavy side sealing knife, humanism structure design, turn fast, easy to cleaning.

2. What is your guarantee of machine 9 Usually our guarantee is 1 years. 5.Can you ship the machine to my address9 Yes, Please provide us with your address. 6.Where are you9 Can we go to China and visit your factory9 Yes, of course.

3. Q: How dose your factory do regarding quality control9 A: We have a special QC department in charge of product's quality. 5. Q: What's the main market of your company9 A: we have customers all over the world. 7. Q: Can we visit your machine operation in your factory9 A: We have own plastic making company, you can see the machine operation.

Chinese Manufacturer wholesale ce certificated double line hot cutting plastic bag making machine for strong garbage bags Banner Ruian High Quality Cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine , with better sealing effect, is specially designed for T-shirt bags with photoelectric automatic tracking, fixed-length by microcomputer, high limit downtime, automatic counting and alarm on reaching the set value, high compensation accuracy, keep the bags neat, little error and high automation, so it is an ideal equipment for producing T-shirt/vest bags. Double lines hot cutting T-shirt bags making machine features: Two production lines, high output Hot sealing and hot cutting, very convenient to produce stronger T-Shirt bags Double photocell enables to cut printed bags Double step motor/servo motor installed to pull the rubber roller Position controller controls the operation, clear settings system for easy operation Static eliminator to get rid of statics on film surface for better cutting Digital temperature controllers to adjust the temperature of the heating bar Model DFR-700D DFR-800D DFR-900D DFR-1000D Cutting line two lines Bag width 30 0 mm x2 35 0 mm x2 40 0 mm x2 450mm x2 Bag length 1000mm Cutting speed 50-130pcs/min/line Motor type Stepping motor Main motor 1.5KW Heating Capacity 3KW Power supply 220V, 50Hz Electronics used Top China Brand Machine weight 900 kg 900kg 950kg 1000kg Installed dimension 2 . 5 x 1. 2 x1. 5 M 2.5× 1.35 × 1.2M 2.5× 1.45 × 1.2M 2.5× 1.55 × 1.2M O ptional device Servo motor, imported photocell Production process RELATED PRODUCTS Exhibition Certificate Shipment&Payment and Contact us

, can both suitable for color bag, blank shopping bag making. 1.4 adopt automatic punching function, increase vest bag making speed and save labor. three Panasonic inverter controller C, auto clipper pick bag D.

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These bag making machine are manufactured using very robust materials that guarantee you strong and durable products, offering you long lifespans. The cutting-edge designs make the bag making machine retain their flawless performance and original aesthetic appeal for years. The bag making machine have been engineered to enhance performance while consuming lower operating power. Therefore, you get to enjoy better outputs while saving on electricity and fuel bills.

Versatility is a major attribute that these bag making machine boast of. They can be configured in different ways that cater to all dynamics of bag production, hence, are applicable for the production of different sizes and types of bags. Hazard concerns are minimal with these bag making machine on Alibaba.com. They have unparalleled safety features that ensure operators are not exposed to any form of danger. Another plus for these bag making machine is the ease of maintaining them because their spares and repairs are readily available.

Gift yourself or your business these impressive products and enhance your bag production efficiency and profitability. Take advantage of the amazing bag making machine ranges on Alibaba.com as you enjoy the best value for money. Being a long-term investment, evaluate as many bag making machine as possible and get maximum returns.