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If you request, we can send our engineer to your country for equipment installation, testing and training. You have to find the truck to transport the equipments, have to find a place to collect them together,have to find worker to load the container,etc. Our factory have strong custom capacity,which can make any shape,any size of stainless steel products according to the kitchen layout.

Furnotel Commercial Electric Gas Industrial Automatic Baking Oven Bread Bakery Equipment Machine For Sale C lick to Discover More about the Commercial Kitchen Projects Click to Find More Bakery Equipment China Head Office Tel: +86 20 34709971 Fax: +86 20 34709972 Add: 301, No. 1 Headquarters Center, Tian An Hi-Tech Ecological Park, Panyu Avenue, Guangzhou, China Shinobal Catering Equipment & Supplies (Dubai) Tel: +971 48818889 Add: Showroom No. 2 & 15, Street 3, Community 598, Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai, UAE

If any component is damaged in guarantee period,we will send same free by air and guide for installation. we supply overseas installation9Generally,whole production line needs 7 days. 5.What is your difference with other manufacturer9 Self-owned factories and bakery shops made us more professional and knows what you want.

Contact Information 2016 Top Grade High Quality Industrial Automatic Bread Making Machine/ commercial oven (ZC-100) Baking range of commercial oven: Mooncake, pie, hamburger ,toast,buns,toast bread, pastry ,baguette ,biscuit,snacks,cake, cookies and can be used for drying other occasions. The basic information of 32 trays of commercial oven: Product Name Rotary Convection Oven ( electric/ diesel oil/ gas) Model ZC-100/ ZC-100A/ ZC-100B Voltage 52kw/h/ 2.5-3.0kw/h /2.5-30.kw/h Power 3N380/50HZ Control Temperature 0-300 degree Production Ability 100kg/h Grill Layer 16*2=32 trays Grill Dimension 810*660*1590mm Dish Dimension 400*600mm Weight 1300kg Overall Dimension 1950*1750*2160mm Energy Electric/Diesel Oil/Gas Related Products 16trays rotary oven Model: ZC-100C/ ZC-100C-1/ZC-100C-2 Production ability: 50 kg/h Overall Dimension: 1570*1450*1770mm Weight: 1000kg Energy: Electric/ Diesel oil/ Gas 36 trays rotary oven Model: ZC-100-1/ ZC-100A-1 /ZC-100B-1 Production ability: 120kg/h Overall Dimension: 1950*1750*2250mm Weight: 1400kg Energy: Electric/ Diesel oil/ Gas 64 trays rotary oven Model: ZC-200/ ZC-200A /ZC-200B Production ability: 200kg/h Overall Dimension: 2250*2850*2400mm Weight: 2000kg Energy: Electric/ Diesel oil/ Gas Packing & Delivery Packing: Inside: PEP packing Outside: Plywood case

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Increase production capacity and the quality of baked goods with the efficient and strong bakery machines available on Alibaba.com. Whether for professional or personal use, these machines are sure to make the process of baking much easier and faster. From 32 to 64 tray ovens for baking in high capacity to mixers and cookie dropping machines, the needs of all shoppers can sufficiently be met on the site. These commercial bakery equipment are fully automated and consume low power making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Several models of bakery machines in different sizes, colors and shapes are found on Alibaba.com. Produced from the finest materials and the latest technology, they are engineered for excellence and built for long-lasting use. From automatic tartlets to dough mixer machines to dough cutters and baguette making machines, a fantastic collection awaits shoppers for every baking need. They are easy to use, require lesser time, lower energy consumption and are capable of producing large quantities at a faster rate.

Some of the bakery machines are fully automatic, enabling optimal performance. From stainless steel ovens for baking, pies, pizza, cakes and cookies to mixers and cutters, the selection available on the site is nearly endless. Bread baking machines are capable of producing at a faster rate than their traditional counterparts. A wonderful catalog with detailed information on each product is at the disposal of shoppers. Electric baking machines that operate on less power come in various models.

Improve baking quality and reduce the time spent on baking desserts with bakery machines sold on Alibaba.com. Purchase them at competitive prices and avail the lucrative offers.