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The service life is more than one time longer than the ordinary imported light knot-tying device. 3. Piston roller bearings adopt reinforced seal type anti extrusion special bearings(national patent). It is convenient to check the number of bales and fully ensure the machine works steadily at a reasonable speed.

When the density of the bale is OK, the alarming system will start to sound, driver should stop forwarding, push the threading clutch. When find the speed of threading is faster, looses clutch, keeps the power conveyor driven shaft working to start thread. After throwing the bale out,correct the hydraulic valve, open rear rack to forwarding again for the second cycle.

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If you are in the farming industry, chances are huge that you must have come across baler machine for grass. These baler machine for grass are amongst the most important parts of farm machinery and Alibaba.com is glad to introduce you to some of the best quality baling machines. These top of the line baler machine for grass are equipped with powerful technology, precision cutting and rolling and can be easily affixed to tractors.

These power-packed baler machine for grass are not just applicable to farmlands but also find uses in many other sectors such as manufacturing industries, hotels, garments workshops, building material shops and many more. In short, wherever there is the need for rolling and stacking, these automatic and semi-automatic versions of compact baler machine for grass are of the utmost importance. The baler machine for grass available here for sale are sustainable and can be fully customized to meet your ends. 

Alibaba.com has a massive inventory of durable, robust baler machine for grass that come with superior quality hydraulic pressure and have loads of different capacities. Some of the baler machine for grass variants have core components such as PLC, motor, pumps and most of them weigh around 1500-1900 Kgs. These machines are equipped with voltage capacities of 220 to 380V and do not consume excess power. They can sustain a pressure load of almost 30 tonnes. These large-sized, high-capacity automatic baler machine for grass are equipped with features such as 4 line belts, adjustable bale length and touch screen panel for controls. 

Visit Alibaba.com and check out various baler machine for grass ranges to decide which one goes the best for you keeping in sync with your budget. These products are ISO, CE, SGS certified and come with top-notch after-sales services. To make them worthwhile, the maintenance costs are also nominal.