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        Q: How are fibers made into fabric?
A: In the late 1920s and the early 1930s , chemists at the DuPont Company first produced nylon by amalgamating chemicals they extracted from coal , water , air , oil , gas , and agrarian by-products . . The thousands of nylon products onto the market in order today all begin essentially the same . Nylon factories combine the chemicals that produce nylon , heating them first aimed at eliminating the water . The little molecules from each chemical combining during this heat to form very huge molecules in a process called polymerisation . . The nylon subsequently comes out of this heat machine inside a flat ribbon . As this ribbon cools , it hardens . Then it is cut into slices , which is then dispatched to factories where these people are melted and the united statesed to make the thousands of different products , including parachutes , stockings , tyres , carpets , gears , machine parts , bearings , and furniture , and hair brushes . . Nylon threads , usage for fabrics , fishing lines , and surgical threads , are made when the melted nylon is forced through small holes of a machine . These threads harden whenever they hit the air . 

Q: What is the chemical structure of nylon 6,6 and how does it lead to the property of nylon?
A: Nylon 're not a single compound but a family of compounds . They are all basically hydrocarbon chains with the casual peptide ( -NHCO- ) linkage embedded . 

Q: Is Dacron the same as ballistic nylon?
A: Nylon is to make cloth By Y.Y Share to :