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About product and suppliers:
        Q: What gas was in my balloon?
A: http : //www.bocgases.ie/product_static_pa ...   `` BOC is the suppliers of helium balloon gas to some of the enormousst public events and street parades throughout the world , however , we also cater for any cases right down to a bit party at house . ''   take a look at this website , it will presumably give you all the information you are 're looking for .  this is an irish site , so hope this assistances 

Q: Help with balloon and charges?
A: Rub the exaggerated balloon on your garment , in particular on nylonmaterial . A static charging will produce a spark when a finger is putnear sufficiently to the charged balloon . 

Q: If a helium balloon floats in the air,how high will it go? ( read on)?
A: It everything depends on the sized of the balloon ( how much helium is in it ) and the thickness of the balloon wall ( the rubber . . . stuff ) : )  Air gets less dense , the higher up you go ( that is one , of the reasons why fighter pilots 've got their own oxygen supplies for inhaling ) .  As such , there exist less pressure on the balloon , and the helium pushes more on the interior of the balloon than the air on the outside of the balloon .  The balloon will eventually achieved a height where the pressure from the helium inside overwhelms the pressure from the air outside , arousing the ballon to . . . explode .  So , essentially . . . it is dependent .   Hope that helps .