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        Q: Do Chinese people eat bamboo?
A: If you 're asking about the home plant , Lucky Bamboo , the plant 're not a bamboo at all ( botanic name : Dracaena ) but a resistant member of the lily family that further increase the dark , tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa .  Real Bamboo , on the other hand represents a grouping of perennial evergreens in the genuine grass family Poaceae . And is the most rapid growing factory in the world . 

Q: What is the adaptation of a panda?
A: Most of the Giant Panda 's adjustments involve the bamboo that itis relying on ( ninety-nine % of its diet is bamboo ) . It has developed a verylarge head as a result of its larger jaw muscles , need to bite and chewthe thick bamboo . In addition , its molars ( teeth ) have been adjustedto were extremely smooth and enormous , which 're not ordinary among bearsbecause bears are carnivores . Finally , their digestive system hasadjust to their diet of bamboo . The esophagu.s. and stomach hasdeveloped a strong lining so it will not tear , the intestines areshorter because of the high cellulose contents of bamboo , and the colonare greatr because it is putting much better into its body whileproducing waste less frequently . Pandas also developed clegislation toclimb the bamboo . 

Q: Where was bamboo made?
A: It is made of bamboo . Bamboo is a gigantic , speedily increased genuine grass that are able growth in various climates from cold mountains to hot tropical regions .