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Already in the 19th century, the Chinese used bamboo in various fields: architecture, carpentry, and music. Now we provide a future to this laudable history with our wide selection of bamboo rattan chairs.

How strong is a bamboo dining chair?

Very strong! Bamboo is one material of choice for manufacturers of furniture. Its resistance to the tests of time makes it more robust than other woods. Also with a great capacity to absorb moisture, it is not about to deform. It is thus used for both bamboo indoor and bamboo outdoor chairs. Bamboo rods are hollow, making vintage bamboo rattan chairs capable of supporting heavy weight. Bamboo is ideal for the structure of bamboo folding chairs, an armchair, a sofa, a table, and even a bed. Its flexibility and flame retardant properties are a dream for your customer base.

Where does bamboo furniture go?

Bamboo furniture blends itself very well in a “zen” or “exotic” décor. Contemporary styles are created by vintage bamboo chairs with clean lines and no gaudy decals over the patterned exterior. Whether a bamboo armchair in the living room, bamboo bar stools/bamboo counter stools in the kitchen or a bamboo lounge chair in the office; bamboo furniture fits very well into a customer’s living spaces.

Can you paint bamboo?

Even if bamboo is quite difficult to dye, its natural color offers an aesthetic quality. Bamboo can take many colors of paint. You can supply white bamboo dining chairsand black bamboo dining chairs, whatever suits your clientele. Some varieties of bamboo can even be mottled, or striped. No wonder this plant is valued for its ornamental qualities.

Why is bamboo expensive?

For a distributor who is not convinced by all these amazing qualities, bamboo is recognized worldwide for its ecological virtues. It is the fastest-growing plant in the world and is thus a renewable resource of wood for bamboo seating. At equal weight, bamboo absorbs 5 times more CO2 than a tree. New or antique bamboo chairs are a green thumb wholesaler’s ESP (emotional selling point) of choice.

Whether for the ecological ramifications, the tempting bulk sale price, or because you’re a Panda masquerading as a vendor, get bamboo chairs for sale now on Alibaba.com.

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