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Socks make a small part of the wardrobe, but it doesn’t mean that they’re less important than other clothing items. And having a couple of unpleasant situations because of a pair of terrible socks is not uncommon. However, there’s a special type of bamboo socks, which can help feet in maintaining hygiene and the odors under control. Alibaba.com offers a huge collection of bamboo socks for men and women, to keep one’s feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

These socks have strands of bamboo fiber tightly woven together. Also, it's a great option for those who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to cotton. Bamboo fabric is pleasant and soothing to the skin. Since harmful bacterial detest this super soft material, bamboo cotton socks have a natural antibacterial advantage that pure cotton and polyester socks do not. For residents of warmer climates, or hot summers places, one can go for the ankle socks’ high absorbent and thermal regulating properties.

They feel cooler when it is hot and warmer than when it is cold. Bamboo is kind of magic material. Additionally, these bamboo socks from Alibaba.com will dry 3-4 times faster than modal, polyester, or cotton socks. Plus, their anti-static nature means the socks never stick to the skin or each other. Other attributes include wrinkle-resistance, hypoallergenic, colorful socks which are extremely easy to wash and take care of.

Bamboo fiber is also blended with some other fabrics to make clothing. However, at least 80% bamboo fiber is needed to enjoy these rich benefits. And that’s where Alibaba.com comes in and offers the customers a huge range of bamboo socks. So, don’t wait and grab a pair.