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A bamboo steamer is a healthy and safe way of steaming different types of food, like fish, vegetables, dumplings, etc. One can use a bamboo steamer basket for a restaurant or home kitchen. It is easy to cook food in a bamboo dumpling steamer.

Why Should You Use A Bamboo Steamer?

The lid of the bamboo steamer does not allow condensation to collect on it and drip on the food. So, the food you cook in a bamboo steamer basket is rich in flavor and texture. Besides, steaming food using a bamboo steamer makes the food fresh. A Chinese dumpling steamer made of bamboo may be an inexpensive way to steam food. A large dumpling steamer basket cover pot kit may come with stackable baskets. So, you can cook different types of meals for the whole family at once. A health-conscious person may prefer the BPA-free dim sum basket. Some Chinese steamers may come with chopsticks. Besides, a bamboo dim sum steamer is lightweight, making it easy to carry.

How Do You Use a Bamboo Steamer?

In a wok, bring water to a boil after filling 1.5 inches of it with water. The next step is to line the bamboo cooker. Use parchment paper or even reusable silicone liners for this. Place your vegetables or meat on plates and transfer them to the bamboo steamer basket. Now, place the steamer in the wok with its cover. You can steam a large amount of food by stacking bamboo steamer baskets. If the water in the wok runs out, refill it with hot water.

Alternatively, you can place the steamer inside a large pot or pan, but ensure the bottom rim is covered in water and the bottom floor is completely dry.

Use mild soap and water to clean the bamboo steamer. Also, make sure to dry the bamboo dumpling steamer. Layering the bamboo steamer basket with vegetable oil will prevent it from getting cracked.