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Bass fishing boats are small specialized fishing boats and can be manufactured to a wide range of specifications to meet various users' fishing locations and personal preferences.

Boat dimensions

Bass boat length affects the number of people that can fish comfortably as well as boat speed. A 2 man bass boat is typically around 17 feet, while boats above 18 feet or so are ideal for 3. These longer boats can also travel better at higher speeds.

Boats with shallower drafts and/or wider beams are a suitable option for users who fish in shallow waters. Beams also affect stability - the wider the beam, the more stable the boat, and the more storage and standing space. Small, narrower bass boats can however venture into narrower rivers where wider ones cannot follow.

Hull material

Standard hull material includes fiberglass and aluminum. Aluminum bass boats tend to be lighter and therefore speedier in the water and easier to tow on land. As they are less likely to suffer permanent damage from hard contact with rocks, they are a good choice for shallow water. On the other hand, fiberglass hulls require regular waxing and maintenance, which may put off some users. Since they're heavier, they are more difficult to tow, but perform better in the water especially in rough situations. Both materials have their benefits and drawbacks, and the best bass boats may use either type of hull.

Boat engines

The fastest bass boats owe their speed not only to their dimensions and weight, but also to their engines. These 3 factors must be carefully balanced for optimum speed. Mini bass boats, for example, can only handle moderate speeds and should be paired with low to medium capacity engines, whereas bass pro boats with their long, stable construction are perfect for leveraging the high speeds of large engines.


Many upgrades are available due to advanced bass boat technology. GPS trackers and fish finders make locating fish easier, and can be sold to users for installation on their boats. Storage upgrades include livewells and coolers, and swivel chairs can provide convenience and comfort for the fishermen during long hours on the water.

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