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        Q: Question about mini-fridges?
A: I 'm presumably looking at the same revisits that you 're . You truly required to evaluate your personal needs . Many people like their beer ice colder nor less than a mobile cooler full of ice water will do . Several nightclubs that I am well aware of retaining their walking in coolers at a point just above freezing . Do you truly required to hold 178 cans and have a glass door ? You can presumably find a likewise sized traditional fridge for around half the pricing - or buy various hundred bags of ice for the costss of the cooler and the electricity required to keep it running .   Don 

Q: My mini fridge is in need!?
A: there exist broader various types of mini refrigerator accessible at sensible pricing which 're not solely cheap but energy efficient too by brand name maker accessible on the web , you can choose from choices of various sized and the colors . and i believe they provides free shipping too .  From broader various types of mini refrigerators accessible there exist couple of them which fits your needs http : //myminifridge.com/koolatroncocoa-colapersonal6canminifridge and http : //myminifridge.com/koolatroncoca-cola9-cancapacityminifridgeinred 

Q: How much does a solar powered mini fridge cost?
A: A little refrigerator like this will solely draw about one00Watts , or 0.1KW . It solely runs sometimes , in general such a refrigerator has a sticker which will say to you how effective the compressor is and how effective the insulation is by estimating yearly power cost of it and like fridges . A rapid monitoring of analogous dormitory refrigerators suggested that total yearly cost to operate will be about $ 20   Astrobuf