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Our Company Rycendi Resources Ltd has over six years experience in exporting charcoal. We have been exporting to Germany, Greece,Holland, Belgium and Portugal . You may wish to send us draft contract for us to start with a trial shipment order.

Very clean without any dust or sand or unburned wood. Smokeless and non hazardous. Uses (Barbeque, Shisha) Packing 40 feet HC container loaded 24 Mt in container 40 fcl Feel free to contact for more details

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About products and suppliers:
Shop for bbq charcoal at Alibaba.com when a cheap and reliable fuel source is needed in a short amount of time. Search multiple suppliers and enjoy low prices and good customizable options. Stock up on bbq charcoal to power an electric plant or for use in refining certain metals. Some varieties are even suitable for cooking and will be of great use in a commercial kitchen.

Most bbq charcoal comes in large lumps, while some come in a powder form. Certain types are made out of processed coconut and come in a cube shape. When burned, they will not produce very much smoke, making them safer than traditional varieties. Specific kinds are available for use in recreational smoking devices such as a hookah.

Suppliers of bbq charcoal at Alibaba.com can be found from many different countries around the world. Choose one that will easily be able to ship to the intended facility. Customize the exact size and shape of certain brands to suit specific needs. Buy in bulk to stay supplied for long periods of time. Search for manufacturers that can provide cheap or free samples to see if the product is just right.

Get a wide variety of bbq charcoal from Alibaba.com to generate electricity at low costs. Many different forms can be found to accommodate different industries. Browse among several bbq charcoal from all over the globe and build a shipment of quality fuel that is just right.