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        Q: Where can one purchase bead charms?
A: Beaded jewellery is feasible to purchased through online stores such as eBay , Amazon , The Bead Store , I Love Beads and EP Beads . Other sites include , but that 's not is compelled to , Chasing Beads , B for Beads , Beads Unlimited and Jilly Beads . These 're all UK websites . 

Q: How much did the first moon landing cost?
A: i believed you mean when 's the firstly moon landing . it 's in 1969 A.D 

Q: What was this bead thing called?
A: These were mostly faceted beads each with a person is bezel , plus two cabochons each mounted in a bezel cup that also has prongs .  These type of beads are *flat-backed* and in general very smooth and/or polished , more often made from plastic such as these ( or perhaps glass or crystal ) but such kind of beads 's also made from gemstones ( generally semi-precious stones with the exception of truly costly ones ) .  Several of the beads here have been soldered or welded together creation one focal groups .   `` A cabochon , often alluded to as a cab for short , represent a certain cutting of stone that be extremely popular in many jewellery designs , in particular those that include gemstones .  A cab is feasible to made from just about any type of stone as well , starting from ceramic , porcelain , or even wood . The materials does n't really matter . The defining element of a cabochon have more to do with the form of the component : it is flat on one side , and domed or rounded on the other side .  Cabs can come in all sorts of geometric and asymmetric shapes , but the most important part is the flat side of a cab as this is where it is most commonly be ensuredd with wire , metal , or even beads . ''   As cited , you are able find these sortss of beads at craft storing and jewelry supply storing as well as on-line at jewellery providers ( including Fire Mountain and Rio Grande for nicer ones ) and craft providers :  https : //www.google.com/images ? q=beads+fa ...  https : //www.google.com/images ? q=jewelry+ ...   Or you are able buy older jewellery slices at thrift stores and garage sale , subsequently take them apart yourself or use as 's when gluing on or attaching to things like macrame friendship bracelets , etc , in other ways .  https : //www.google.com/images ? q=how+to+c ...