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Your logo can be etched or lasered and package can be designed with your authorization. Q3: What is your MOQ9 A3: We accept sample order, and MOQ is 50 pcs of formal order. Q5: May I have some samples9 A5: Yes, we accpet sample order and will arrange the delivery for you.

2. Sound production management and Reliable sea forwarder for many years guarantee the timely delivery. CG-10HL industrial beer brewing production line for mini brewery C. CG-20HL micro brewing beer brewery machine draft beer for sale D.

6. After loaded into containers, all equipments will be well fixed to the containers. We will give the layout according to the client’s floor plan or their requirements. The materials of the tanks can be SUS304 Stainless Steel with higher quality and affordable price 4).

home brewing equipment,25 Gallon Beer Fermenter,100l beer fermenter SD-50l home brew equipment technical parameters: Productivity 50L Control system Temperature and pressure control automatically Total power 6Kw Total weight 450kg Outline size 212*80* 170cm Floor area 1.6m 2 Water consumption 150L Malt consumption 10kg Hops consumption 0.03kg Yeast consumption 1 L Raw material for beer brewing: Water: The most important in terms of the beer ingredients, it must be pure colorless, odorless. Malt: bee malt was divided into Barley and wheat Hops: the main source of beer flavor Yeast: a fungus, which enables wort sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide 1. brewing way Brewed beer is divided into six steps, it would take about 28 days to Brewing process: 1) Crushing and saccharification Grind the malt to powder, make the wort after mashing transported to the filter pan by a pipeline 2) Filter: Send the wort after mashing boiled to wine tank filtration, separate the wort and spent grains 3) Boil and add hops Transferred to cooking wine cooking water tank with 100 degrees about 70 minutes, After adding hops, cooking the wort to the remaining 1000L till then along the pipeline transported to the fermentation room Cooling 4) Cooling The wort’s temperature is lowered to 10-12 C by cooler, then go into the fermentation tanks to ferment. 5) Fermentation: After adequate cooled wort into the fermenter, adding 10 - 15L of yeast for fermentation, takes about six days left to complete the fermentation, in this step will be the final malt in the sugar into alcohol by yeast (yeast Jiamai juice = Beer ) 6) Slaking and storage: Mature in the beer store as the necessary steps before ripening, beer maturation takes about three weeks of storage at 0 ° C for cask beer color, unique flavor development in this step will be the formation SD-mashing system and fermenting system: SD-control system for beer brewing: SD-accessories for beer brewing equipment:

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The beer brewing equipment on have high-energy efficiency ratings and are created using premium materials to serve you for years. These beer brewing equipment have simple, user-friendly, and low-contamination design to deliver a smooth brewing experience. Most of the beer brewing equipment are created of high-grade and food-grade materials, including high-strength stainless steel, durable plastic, and hard-to-break glass.

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