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2.You are very welcome to see our machine how to work in the factory before you place an order with us. 2)Before you start the order for this big value machine,you can offer your workpiece drawing to us. 3)You can visit us to check how to bend your product before you start the order.

DW89NC tube bending machine, touch screen panel, high speed and high accuracy Item Name Unit Data Remark 1 Max bending capacity mm Φ 89 × 8t 3 Max bending radius mm R450mm 4 Min bending radius mm Depend on the pipe diameter 5 Max mandrel length mm 3000mm Can according to customer’s requirement 6 Max bending degree Degree 190 7 Bending Speed 10°/s 8 Bending accuracy degree ± 0.2 9 Control system NC control 10 Max bending unit on the same pipe unit 16 11 Max storage sections unit 16 x 16 12 Main Motor Power Kw 11 13 Oil tank L 260 14 System hydraulic pressure Mpa 14 15 Machine Size mm 4320 x 1300 x 1200 16 Machine Weight KGS 3500


Model:CA-033 Round Tube Dies(mm): 63 Tube Thickness Scope(mm):0.3-3 Voltage(v):220/380 Rotation Rate(r/min):Main Axle -15 Counter Shaft-20 Weight(kg):150 Machine Size(mm):650*700*950

Esspecially applicable to the production of steel greenhouse frame Capable of rolling bending thin-walled mild steel, stainless stell round & square tubes. Foot pedal with emergency stop available on request. Toolings made of grey cast iron allows long service life.

3. Automobile parts (brake tubing, bumpers, mufflers, exhaust pipes, car seat) 4. Shipbuilding, boiler industry. such as: iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and other metal pipes. Round, square, rectangular, W shape, special section and other shape pipe.

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Look for high-quality. bending machine at Alibaba.com with a wide variety of uses. Keep a supply handy for constructing many different machines and vehicles for various industries. Find. bending machine that can be used in cranes or forklifts. Contractors may wish to carry them for installing escalators or setting up conveyor belts. Browse many different suppliers to find the features you need at a price range that works for you.

Most. bending machine are held and released via strong electromagnetic power. Many units are made of metal, such as iron or aluminum, that can withstand heavy use. Several varieties will safely and reliably keep moving parts still for as long as the machine is stopped. Some types are ideal both as replacement parts or for building machinery from scratch.

Suppliers of. bending machine at Alibaba.com often allow certain features to be customized. Change the packaging and color if needed to fit your preference. Some manufacturers offer multiple freight methods, so you can decide which one will reach your facility the fastest. Most suppliers can provide services such as technical support and field maintenance to save you time and labor after the sale and installation.

Whether you are fixing vehicles for an industry or constructing machines for a factory, Alibaba.com has the right. bending machine for you. Search among a large selection to find a variety that will do the job, however demanding it may be. Find multiple. bending machine that will suit your needs at the best price.