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These wholesale best teeth whitening pen 2022 options are made for budget friendly customers who do not want to pay for expensive teeth whitening services that require medical supervision. Overnight teeth whitening pens or teeth whitening sticks contain low levels of bleach that are safe to leave on to work gradually through the night and deliver the same results as strong bleach over a period of time.

Customers looking for best teeth whitening pen 2022 also prefer the fact that these products have a longer shelf life than other, more expensive teeth whitening kits. These overnight whitening pens usually contain carbamide peroxide rather than hydrogen peroxide which makes them gentler on teeth. You can find a range of options for teeth whitening pens for sensitive teeth that use this gentler form of bleach and are suitable for people with even the most sensitive teeth. Stronger, more fast acting pens with hydrogen peroxide are also available for those not worried about sensitivity.

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