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Stay protected in the sun with a high-quality, UV protection swim shirt or wetsuit that is designed for all your water adventures. best wetsuits for surfing 2022 keep you comfortable in frigid water by holding a thin layer of water next to your skin that your body warms up, creating a thermal barrier.

The type of best wetsuits for surfing 2022 will differ depending on the weather and activity. For a warm day, users can skip the wetsuit or opt for a spring suit or shorty wetsuit. Alternatively, users have the option of simply wearing neoprene and wetsuit bottoms if temperatures do not call for a full suit. Cold water wetsuits are not just fun recreational gear but necessary protective clothing against the elements. Hooded wetsuits are made for the coldest conditions surfers are likely to encounter. Some even have an inner fabric lining for added warmth. Full suits are typically the most popular style and versatile for most seasons, though some at swimmers (particularly strong swimmers) go for armless designs for improved mobility, foregoing warmth, and buoyancy.

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