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Different types of bicycle parts

A bicycle has many parts but some of the most important parts of the bike are the wheels, frames, chains, cranksets, tires, pedals, cables, and brake pads. The bicycle tire is the only bike part that gets into contact with the ground as the wheels roll to put the bike in motion. Different bicycles perform better with different types of bike tires. A mountain bike that is fixed with wide tires that are heavily threaded, performs well in tough terrain. The fat bike tires will increase traction and dampen vibration. A crankset is the part of the bicycle that helps you to cycle. As you peddle, the crankset moves the chain enabling the bike to move forward. Cranksets are made of different sizes depending on the bicycle frame. Three standard crank lengths are found for different types of bikes. There are 170mm cranks for small frames, 172.5mm for medium frames, and 175mm for large frames. The crankset has two parts, the chainrings and cranks arms. The crank arm is attached to the crankset gearing. It is here where the bike chain runs over.

How the bicycle parts work

Different makes and models of bike chains are not interchangeable. However they are made to the one-half-inch pitch standard, that is there are 0.5 inches between rivets. A bike freewheel is made up of blocks of cogs that are threaded directly onto the rear wheel using screws. It is not possible to swap bike freewheels because they are bought together with sprockets that are bolted together. The rear and front derailleurs are a chain that is remotely operated by a handlebar and a Bowden cable attached to a shifter. There are different bike handlebars in the market, but the flat bike handlebar is the standard one. A flat bike handlebar will keep your body and hands in a down-low comfortable position. This will position you into a racy, forward set, and also help you while sprinting or standing.

Bike Performance

A bike’s performance should be highly efficient and provide the utmost exercise benefits to the user. Cycling is believed to be the most efficient man-powered way of transportation. The bike's performance should therefore be optimal in order for the buyer to reap the benefits. Find all bike parts for sale on Alibaba. com.

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