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        Q: How does a Remote Control operate a device?
A: As with everything science-related , everything is achievable .   Unfortunately you also need funding or a bottomless bank accounting to do all .   For this kind of project you need an untold numbers of solenoids , automotives , and hinges just to get the thing to work as well as is approved by US Consumer Product Safety Commission ( or another regulatory body ) . Do you truly want your baby next to a bunch of moving part and electric components ?   I love Transformers and its astonishing how viable some transformations are , Google or Youtube real-life Transformers . However , as of right now , we 're constraining in our technology to construct something closes to Optimus Prime or Bumblebee due to the same reason : finances . ( That , and an intrinsic fear of robots ruling the earth etc .   If you 're reallies interested and ready to put in lots of time , effort , and money , you are able begins by looking at some engineering and DIY sites like MAKE Magazine or instructables . Join a robotics team , are applicable for MIT and NASA . In time , you are able realise your dreaming of a foldable compact pram that fits in the palm of your hand .   Til subsequently , a Jetsons lifestyle continues to be a small ways and means off into the future .   But it all boils down to one thing in living and engineering : KISS   Keep It Simple Stupid . 

Q: How can I change an rc car's remote control?
A: That would be yes . Just get the same recipient , band & amp ; frequency the automobile has & amp ; installing it in the lorry . Either 27Mhz or 75Mhz band in the US . Get additional crystals also . Enjoy . 

Q: How to make the remote of a 4 way rc car?
A: its feasible , if u found the rights frequency   my half-brother has some remote controlling boats that if used at the same time , 1 remote will control the other vessel and visa-versa