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ultrasonic vapor degreaser/ Industrial ultrasonic vapor cleaning machine Four tank ultrasonic vapor degreaser Application Ultrasonic vapor degreaser is used for cleaning electronic components, the rosin of circuit board, heavy grease of precision mechanical parts, polishing wax, precision copper parts, aluminum zinc alloy, greasy hardware Character Imported vibrators IIE made in USA Stainless steel cleaning tank, SUS304,2.0mm for thickness Imported air cooling unit made in USA Other electronics, made in Japan or South Korea Build-in condensing system, fully enclosed, by which to avoid solvent evaporation Liquid level sensor and alarm system for ensuring the machine work properly Solvent filtration and recycling system reduce the production cost Fast drying system to improve efficiency Automatic temperature control system Qualified Solvent Trichloroethylene, methyl chloroform and other organic solvents (non-flammable solvent) Cleaning process First class ultrasonic cleaning→second class ultrasonic cleaning→vapor cleaning→cooling and drying (automatic distillation solvent recovery and automatic recycling) mainly parameter Ultrasonic cleaning tank ( fist class and second class) inner cleaning tank 300*320*340mm(L*W*H) Vibration mode Bottom Vibrators number 12pcs Ultrasonic power 600w Ultrasonic frequency 28khz Heating power 2kw Heating mode Heating board from outside Temperature 0 up 100 Vapor cleaning tank Inner cleaning tank 300*320*380mm Heating power 2kw Heating mode Heating tube into the water Temperature 0 up 110 Distillation tank Inner cleaning tank 300*320*390mm Heating power 2kw Heating mode Heating tube into the water Temperature 0 up 110 Frozen system power 3HP Frozen height 450mm Turns of frozen pipes 10-3/4 General parameter Overall size 2230*660*1170mm Overall power 11kw Power supply AC380V,50HZ MFR: KEEPLEADER has modified and designed machine to accommodate our customers Unique and special requirements, pls contact KEEPLEADER for tech assessment Product Overviews Detailed Images Packaging & Shipping Buying Guides How Vapor degreasers work9 01:Solvent degreasing Involves the exposure of a work piece to pure solvent vapors released by a boiling solvent, the work piece is usually suspended in the vapors just above the boiling solvent, when the warm vapors touch the comparatively cool work piece, a condensing action occurs which dissolves the contamination and flushes it away as it runs off the parts, this cleaning action will continue until the work piece and the solvent vapor are the same temperature, Beyond this basic procedure a number of additional cleaning operations are often used, including immersion rinsing, ultrasonic cleaning, spray under immersion, and part agitation, the degreaser styles depicted here can operate with n-propyl bromide, chlorinated solvents, 02: Degreasing applications Although water-based cleaning systems are effective in many applications, some aspects of aqueous-based cleaning can make it impractical or unusable for certain cleaning application, solvent degreasers are used for removal of petroleum based oil, grease, wax and other stubborn solvent-soluble soils from nearly any non-porous surface, they are also very effective at precision-cleaning highly sensitive parts contaminated with dust, fingerprints, and other air-borne contaminants, vapor degreasers are commonly used to clean, machined parts, electrical and electronic subassemblies, intricate metal and plastic components, artificial joints, lenses, and a wide variety of other products prior to further processing, assembly, inspection, or packaging, nearly any part can be cleaned in a solvent degreaser without concern for quality control issue like part oxidation, effective drying, and water spots, because no water is used in the process Safety control and solvent retention systems All solvent degreasers depicted here are designed to meet or exceed the latest EPA guidelines for 03: Safety and solvent retention 031: Safety controls Every style includes safety interlocks which interrupt the machine’s operation if the system runs low on liquid, high on vapor, or if the temperature in the cleaning compartment rises significantly above the boiling point of the solvent, additionally, power to the spray pump will be interrupted if the vapor level drips by more than four inches 032: Solvent retention systems One of the prime objectives in degreaser-design is solvent efficiency, retaining the vapors within the machine is important for worker safety and economic operation; several factors effect the overall efficiency of system: 033:The primary cooling system: A multiple pass perimeter cooling coil is used as a heat exchanger to condense the vapors, creating a sustainable vapor zone, the primary coil must be maintained at a temperature that will cause the vapors to readily condense, this function can be performed by directly refrigerating the coils, or by passing the chilled water through it 0331:On refrigerated machine: On systems with integral refrigeration, a direct-expansion refrigeration system is attached directly to the primary cooling coil, the refrigeration system operates continuously, removing the precise amount of heat required to ensure proper vapor condensation 0332: On water-cooled machine: On water-cooled vapor degreases, a coolant flows through the primary cooling coil, if a constant supply of cool water is available, the machine can operate on water along, more commonly however, to save water and to assure constant temperature, a combination of coolant and water is circulated through a refrigerated water chiller, the water chiller may be dedicated entirely to one degreaser, or it many be serving the cooling requirements of other equipment simultaneously, water-cooled degreasers that are connected to a water chiller perform as efficiently as refrigerated machine 034:Secondary cooling system: The secondary cooling system consists of an additional cooling coil that is mounted directly above the primary cooling coil and maintained at sub-zero temperatures, creating a cold blanket of air which further reduces solvent consumption, EPA guidelines call for freeboard chiller on vapor degreasers containing trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, or methylene chloride, given that a properly-designed freeboard chiller will reduce evaporative losses by 30% to 45%, the cost of a freeboard chiller can easily be justified as solvent-saving measure with a short payback period, regardless of whether the degreasing fluid is a chlorinated solvent or a nearly developed fluorinated solvent 035: Freeboard ratio: Freeboard is the area within the machine above the vapor zone, the freeboard ratio compares the with of the of the top opening of the machine to the freeboard height (the height of the area above the top of the vapor zone, higher freeboard ratios have been demonstrated to aid in solvent retention, all standard KEEPLEADER vapor degreasers includes freeboard ratios between 1:1 and 1.25:1, freeboard ratios between 1.25:1 and 1.5:1 are offered to customers 036: Drop-seal cover: Unlike common sliding covers that leave gaps around their perimeter, this unique cover is designed to roll into place and seal the work chamber from the atmosphere, virtually eliminating evaporative losses during downtime HK KEEPLEADER CO. ,LTD is a hi-tech joint venture, Located in Beautiful HongKong, was founded in 2009, now it has Sales office in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing City, which is organized by SHENZHEN KEEPLEADER CO. ,LTD to expand international Service and cooperation, we call it Marketing and Service Center, has recruited many well educated and qualified Engineers and Sales representatives, KEEPLEADER has its shareholding factory, is Mainly manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, High Frequency Welding Machine and peripheral machines concerning Ultrasonic and High Frequency Technology, KEEPLEADR Adopted Constructive and win-win nature of market model, Sales and Production is separated, by Which the customers to Maximize their protection of interest, in order to provide comprehensive ranges of solution, Basing on our Manufacture, HK KEEPLEADER has established Strategic partnership with many top-list factories in Shenzhen City and Dongguan City of Guangdong providing, Jinhua city and Ruian city of Zhejiang province, Wuxi, Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, The market Center has been dedicated to optimization and integration of developing, producing, marketing, service and application technology of ultrasonic and high frequency technology, and providing quality products and best solution for users, also has recruited many well educated and qualified engineers to keep our machine be fresh design, quality-improved, customized and easy-to-operate and maintenance, also many of experienced, down-to- earth sales representatives to provide good after service Contact us

2. Does your price is competitive9 Dear customer, we make sure to offer you the best quality with competitive price. 6. Is will be broken during transport9 Dear customer, please do not worry, we do standard export package. 8. What should I do if some parts broken9 Dear customer, please do not worry, we have 12months warranty except wear parts.

8. Over 10 years experiences on ultrasonic cleaner for different industries. 9. We have a professional team for design, research, develop different ultrasonic cleaners. 11. Most of big manufacturer domestic use our ultrasonic cleaner for almost everything.

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Grab high-quality, efficient, and premium-quality big ultrasonic degreaser machine at Alibaba.com for advanced dirt removal processes in heavy industries. These machines are updated with the most advanced technologies and are known to be superior in terms of performance. These big ultrasonic degreaser machine are cost-effective options for industries and commercial establishments since they can cut down substantially on labor costs. Equipped with the latest features for longer durability and precision performance, these big ultrasonic degreaser machine are ideal for ultrasonic cleaning and filtration of end products. 

The intelligent sets of big ultrasonic degreaser machine available on the site are provided with solvent cleaning, hot water cleaning functionalities and comprise PLC, motor, engine, and pumps as the main components. These machines are eco-friendly and energy-efficient that offer optimal productivity. The big ultrasonic degreaser machine are built of sturdy quality that offers long span durability and sustainability against demanding uses. Grab these big ultrasonic degreaser machine that can remove oil, dirt, rust, carbon, lubricants on the heat-exchangers making them look completely new.

Alibaba.com offers these spectacular big ultrasonic degreaser machine in distinct shapes, sizes, capacities, features, and other aspects depending on your requirements. These machines are equipped with metal tanks that are wear-resistant offering long life and are anti-rust, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, and waterproof. These big ultrasonic degreaser machine are used in modern-day printing, sporting, marine, medical, engineering, and weapons industry for precision cleaning and removal of dust. The big ultrasonic degreaser machine run on electricity and are provided with self-cooling technology. 

Alibaba.com features a broad range of big ultrasonic degreaser machine that can fit into your budget requirements and help you save money on purchases. These machines are customizable and are offered with optimal after-sales services. Get these from the leading big ultrasonic degreaser machine suppliers on the site for mind-blowing deals.