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        Q: Can i make a nest for my finch bird myself? how and with what?
A: I get three ply jute and cut it into 4-6 inch slices , unravel the 3 ply and put it by handfull into the cage . They get sooooo excited , it 's truly cool to is monitoring them building their nests . I occasionally give them the raw cotton you are able give hamsters for bedding . This makes the interior of the nest truly comfortable ! 

Q: What can I do to remove a bird's nest with baby birds?
A: Most likely a Barn Swallow nest , or a Phoebe..both build nests made of of mud . Photo is pretty dark so difficult to tell for convinced . You were not able lawfully eliminating this nest while it is participating actively , if it has either eggs or chicks in it it are regarded as actively involved . All wild indigenous birds are be protected legislative measures and you are able be fined or imprisonment for eliminating or destorying an active nesting . Once the chicks leave the nest , you are able lawfully delete it ... however , in the case with sw, allowed the babies may use the nest to come back to , 's sleeping in for are a few days perfter they leave it , and the parents tends to reuse the nest time again to have a 2nd brood and may reuse the nest from year to year if it 's still here . So , while being you CAN lawfully delete it once the babies have left it..you maybe it is removing a nest that the birds planned on using again . If removed , they will building a new nesting and try again . They may continues its build in the same spot in which case you would have to maintaining removing what they build , this is feasible to tiresome for both you , and the birds ( because they will waste lots of time and energy was endeavouring to rebuild ) . Or , your alternative ways is 's leaving the nest there . 

Q: When can I remove this bird nest?
A: You able to move the nest to a neighbouring tree or scrub..however , it ought to be as close downs feasible to the initial localisation ( where the lorry was ) . At this point she ought to be ablet to listen to the babies begging calls..this situation is presumably how she finds the nest when the lorry 's moving ! If you are able not anchor the nest..you are able put the world health organizationle thing in a basket with handle and tie the nest up in a tree/scrub . Keep in mind it would be illicit for you increase further these birds on your own..it 's not required if the parents are caring for them . Actually illicit to disrupt their nest as well..however , in this instance it would be safer to do so .