Bitumen Pitch

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Softening Point(ring and ball): 88-95 degree Coke Residue: 51% min Toluene Insoluble Matter: 26% min Color: Black Description A by-product resulting from the thermal distillation of bituminous coal Soft to hard and brittle substance containing chiefly aromatic resinous Low in ash and other mineral impurities Application Mainly used to make electrodes Also used as road tar and waterproofing roofs Specification Property Range Range Range Softening Point(ring and ball) 88-95 degree 105-115 degree 155-170 degree Coke Residue 51% min 55% min 54% min Toluene Insoluble Matter 26% min 31% min 30% min Quinoline Insoluble Matter 8% max 6-12% 10% max Moisture 4% max 4% max 3% max Ash 0.3% max 0.3% max 0.4% max

Characteristics: Dry quickly , good gloss and elements resistance property. Abrasion resistance property, good construction property. . ( hrs ) 50 25 20 Engineering case Production Flow Delivery Customers

And according to your special need, we can supply you different kinds additives, like fluid loss control agent, shale stabilizer, viscosifier, deflocculates, and also defoamers, cementing dispersants and so on. Q4:Can you customize product9 Yes, Kolanky can supply you products according to your requirement. Q:Which country are your customers mainly distributed in9 Russia, America, UAE, Saudi Arab and so on.

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Get yourself bitumen pitch from that strongly bind building materials together, to create strong and long-lasting roads. They provide a remarkably joint-less surface for smooth and leveled surfaces for the moving vehicles. The bitumen pitch have a low melting point, which helps in both surface dressing and wearing resistance. They can undergo recycling, thus aiding immensely in environmental conservation. These bitumen pitch provide better adhesion between aggregate and binder, thus constructing vastly stable roads and pavements. They are highly resistant to deformation from seasonal temperature variation.

They are produced as a residual product through the distillation of crude oil, making the bitumen pitch extremely durable for a long-running performance. They are scientifically proven to be free from hydrocarbons, which make them non-toxic to human health. The bitumen pitch production's cost and repair cost are relatively low, thus making it very economical. These bitumen pitch have a noise reductive property, thus producing incredibly low noise while cruising. They provide color variety properties as pigments can be added to get your desired color.

The bitumen pitch have the ability to resist de-icing materials which keep the roads in pleasant condition. They allow stage construction, which is quite useful when there are financial constraints or the traffic on the roads is greater than estimated. Browse for the most reliable and effective bitumen pitch. They form strong bonds to prevent cracking. These bitumen pitch offers excellent visibility and skid resistance, which make the roads safe. They have an unbelievably high state of beauty, thus making them very precious.

Go to for the most viscous, versatile, adhesive and yet affordable bitumen pitch. The wholesalers and retailers will not be disappointed, as they will be provided with different forms and quantities of bitumen pitch. It is proven that they are the least energy-intensive construction materials around.