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        Q: Most popular ornament for Christmas decorations?
A: Some of the more popular Christmas ornaments are stockings , Christmas trees are in essence a ornamentation as well , and is extremely usually found in homes which celebrate Christmas , and addendum to this here 're all the ornaments that go on the tree . 

Q: When to put up Christmas tree?
A: Every family 's various . Therefore , no specific day or scheduling established for when to adorn your tree . Some people will choose to go with family tradition , others choose a random day where they have everyone together , while being others decorate the tree on Christmas Eve day . The only commonality is that most people wait till after Thanksgiving . Here are proposals and ide, starting from our americaners : . It depending on your family , nations and your unique tradition . I like to put my tree up on the 1st day of December . . We put it up on December six - because that 's the day of Saint Nicholas `` Santa Claus '' because he died on that day . In our family it has an extra meaning because our great-grandfather , who emigrate from Italy to Brazil was born on that day six Dec 1871 . His mid name Nicolo in honor of San Nicolo or Saint Nicholas . . After Thanksgiving , however , before Christmas . I put mine up during the second week of December and take it down the day following Xmas . . You put up your Christmas ornaments the day following Thanksgiving . This way you 're commemorating for the birth of Jesus for a maximal period of time . You is ready and displaying respecting and love for Him . . The day after Thanksgiving 's when storing put up their demonstrated annd ornaments so they were able maximise their advertising of Christmas . You should put them up when you like . . Whenever you wish to put your tree up . But I would say not before Thanksgiving . Or even wait till several days into December before putting it up . . This the first is truly a preference , but I generally begin the ritual to be found a tree in the the first is that week of December . I like to await till at the very least the month when Christmas actually occurring . All in all , it was intally what you 'd prefer . . I did not know of any `` conventional '' dated . I known that in my family , and in numerous of the houses in my community , Thanksgiving weekend is the conventional time to `` deck the halls . '' However , each family is various . I have known people who do n't adorn till the week of Christmas ( especially if they use a live tree ) ; and this year , a family down the street has just erected their holiday lawn displaying , and it is still eleven days till Thanksgiving ! . My whole life my family have followed the tradition of 12 days earlier , Christmas , putting the tree up on thirteen December and taking the tree down twelve days perfter Christmas . . I has consistently been put the tree up on December thirteen , much to the kids ' consternation ; this 's always been our family tradition following the 12 days of Christmas . . I put it up a week before Christmas and a week after Christmas I take it down . . My family would always put their tree up the day following Thanksgiving . However , I decides that , because it is so painstaking , I am putting it up today November 10th so I can have more time be recognized all the work I put into it . we will take it down in the week after Christmas . . Of course , you put it up and take it down as you like . But consider a small history . The time periods starting with the 4th Sunday before Christmas is well known as Advent , a slightly penitential and thereforelemn season , like unto if not quite as austere as Lent , the season before Easter . The real times of celebration historically began on December the 25th , the First Day of the Christmas Season . In is compliant with this tradition up till about six0 years ago most familles trimmed the tree as a Christmas Eve tradition . It was definitely that way for my parentals and even my oldest brothers as children . The twelve Days of Christmas are times of celebration that goes from Dec. 25 till January 5 ( also otherwise known as `` 12th Night '' ) when huge parties would be convened to close out the Christmas celebrations are before the commemoration of Epiphany on January 6th ( occasionally otherwise known as `` small Christmas '' ) . In is compliant with th's more ancient and festive tradition , we are endeavouring to put our tree up as close to Christmas as we are capable , and leave it up the full twelve days after the celebration , while being most folks start stripping off their ornaments on 12/26 , when Christmas is exactly getting initiated . This is anticipated to the fact that , because the latter one-half of the 20th century , mercantilism has pushed Christmas into September , when the first of all inflatable Santa 's is contained in the aisles of Walmart . No wonder numerous people fall ill of it and very pleased moving forward by 12/26 . It is a shame that that the old ways are so readily forfeited and forgotten in the rush to `` get stuff . '' . As an Aussie , I generally put my tree up over the the first is that weekend of December , and take it down on New Year 's Day . . At about one week before Christmas 

Q: Whats your favorite ornament on your christmas tree?
A: I made this star out of paper and glitter when I is just like three and my parents still put it on top of the tree even if it is crap and old . It 's my fave since it 's emotional : )