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Blank sublimation mugs are ideal for adding customized personal images. Color changing sublimation mugs make beautiful gifts for friends and family. Sublimation mugs can be used as drinking cups like they normally would or they can simply be decorations that you crafted for yourself. You can save a lot of money on your arts and crafts by ordering bulk sublimation mugs for sale at Alibaba.com.

Which Sublimation Mugs Are Best?

There are a number of different sizes and materials that can be used for sublimation, but one of the most popular options is glazed ceramic mugs. Ceramic sublimation mugs are ideal because the surface of these mugs can hold onto a lot more ink than other less ideal mugs. This feature lets blank mugs display a sharper, clearer image while also helping to pronounce colored ink. A special poly-coating is what allows these ceramic sublimation mugs to perform so well compared to other mugs. One of the main advantages of sublimation mug printing is that these mugs retain their image for a lifetime without losing picture quality.

How to Make Sublimation Mugs

In order to properly transfer an image onto your mug of choice you are going to need the proper equipment and ink. The proper type of ink for sublimation is called infusible ink which is really good at seeping into the ceramic mug while something like vinyl would just sit on top of the mug's surface affecting the quality of the final picture. A sublimation mug press is also needed to heat the mugs and complete the ink transfer process properly. If you wanted to make 15 oz sublimation mugs, then a standard mug press might not be big enough. Putting your sublimation mug in a convection oven gives you the freedom to use larger mugs. Convection ovens are even useful for glass sublimation mugs because of the temperature required.

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