Service Commitment Product Quality All products are guaranteeded for one year, if any problems happen in guarantee period. Technical Service W e can provide design, installation and debugging services or remote maintanance teaching. Delivery The Cargo To Nearest Port W e will arrange the shipment and delivery the cargo to your ne ar est port,save time and cost .

Mini Auto Tablet Blister Packing Machine MY-80 Blue tablet packing machine This machine is specially designed for laboratory, dosage room in hospital, mini-pharmaceutical factory, mini-motor test workshop, and medicine institute. This machine is flat plate structure, positive pressure and convenient to operate. It is suitable for AL/PL package for any shape of objects, such as capsule, tablet, pellet, sugar-coated tablet, leisure candy, milk tablet, mini metal etc.

The forming could be done in low speed through reasonable speed matching. 4.The machine is equipped Double Sealing makes the Sealing Perfect, no air run trough the seal. 3. We get 18hours internet line for technical support.

3. Each box of section processed through professional equipment, to assure high precision and good ex - changeability. parts are all could be adjust freely on the track with triangle string and flat string, strong applicability. 5. Reducer adapts parallel-axes bevel wheel, to avoid loose and smooth between chain or strap when it is driving.

The machine is China pharmaceutical packaging technology improvement and implementation of GMP production equipment, the product has been sold to domestic Features: 1). Main transmission part adopts parallel axis and bevel wheel speed reducer, with novel structure, stable running, long longevity and low noise. 2). Spare parts as heat-sealing station fixing, forming, impressing and cutting etc can move freely to adjust the distance and it is easy to change moulds. 3).

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These blister packing machine are easy to use because of their readily accessible control panels. They allow users to set and monitor different parameters to get their desired outcomes. This ensures that they are meticulous and that users package the intended quantities consistently. Their designs enable easy incorporation into the system with other machines in the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. They are easy to maintain and clean to prevent contamination of pharmaceutical products.

All blister packing machine listed on are made with exemplarily robust materials that make them impressively durable. They withstand external forces such as high temperatures and mechanical forces from the vibrations they produce during operation. They have superior safety features that protect operators from injury risks. Coming from established global brands in this field, these machines meet all regulatory guidelines for quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.  

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