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        Q: How to clean a camping tent?
A: I throw my waterproof 10t in the 'sher with detergent and borax killed both of odours on the fragile cycle . REI sells a bottle of waterproofing solution that you add in the rinsing water that really is working . I throw mine in the drier on delicate to dry it . Works each time . 

Q: How to keep the inside of the camping tent dry on rainy days?
A: 1 . Use a ground cloth , or tarp , under your tent . Not solely will this keep the bottom of your tent clean , it will keep the floor of your tent dry . Just be persuaded to tuck the edges of the tarp under the 10t so that it does not catch rain .   2 . Never wear your shoes inside the 10t . When you enter your tent , sit in the doorway and eliminates your shoes was later place them on a floor mat , carpet or towel close to the door way . You can even leave them outside by tucking them between the 10t and the ground cloth .   3 . Bring a Ziploc bag for trash to maintaining the inside of your tent clean . Do n't litter inside your tent -- in particular with candy and food wrappings which are able attract bugs or greater , furrier nuisances . Better yet , throw your trash away in an animal-proof trash can outside of your tent .   4 . Pack a whisk broom and dust pan to maintaining your tent clean . These even come in little , simple to pack camp sized . Sweep the grit out of your tent each day , and again before packing it .   5 . Never store a wet and filthy tent . If you have to strike camp in the rain or even a heavy morning dew , be persuaded to pitch your tent again at hoemployed to dry . You can pitch it in the sun , a garage or porch . You can even dry it by hanging on a clothes line or over a fence . Clean any stains . If your tent goes into storage wet and dirty , it will come out stinky , sticky and moldy for your next camping voyage . 

Q: Can you safely heat a tent?
A: get one of those satellite/dish solar heaters.. these people are free stands OR you are able spike them into the ground.. the platter opens the way to like a dish and the solar panels absorb the lighting and transfer that into heating through another panel with optional fan setup .   you are able get them on ebay .